Hoy Hoy

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I decided to make a comic based on the discussion from class regarding the telephone and how it fit into people’s lives. Instead of using the telephone I based my commentary on Facebook and the customary protocol.

Some of the dialogue has imagery. There are 8 “pages”. Sorry I didn’t add times to the “posts” in the pages. They would have helped.


The rest of the dialogue is below.


Mr. Burns Wall
Marge: Hello. Is my husband there?
Mr. Burns: Hoy Hoy
Mr. Burns: Who is this?
Smithers: Sorry ma’am. I apologize. That’s no way to speak to someone on Facebook.
Marge: My husband. Is my husband in the office?
Smithers: I will check.

Smithers’ Direct Message to Homer
Smithers: Homer. Marge is trying to contact you on Mr. Burns Facebook Wall.

Marge’s Wall
Homer: Hellloo..? Marge?
Marge: Homer, direct message me. I don’t feel comfortable writing this on my wall. It feels too public.
Homer: Oh I don’t mind.
Marge: Homie, can you pick Lisa up from school?
Homer: Lisa.
Marge: Homer. Pick up Lisa. I will be at my sisters’ house.
Homer: OK Marge.

Homer’s Profile
Status: I will be picking up Lisa from school.

Carl’s Wall
Lenny: Hey Carl. I’m going to Moe’s.
Carl: You don’t have to tell me twice.
Lenny: Message Homer. Better yet, message Moe. Tell him to have a beer ready.
Carl: Already on it.

Moe’s Tavern Facebook Page
Carl: Moe, we’re on our way. Have beers poured.
Moe: I don’t pour any beer until you check in.

Homer’s Wall
Carl: Homer. Meet us at Moe’s.
Homer: Mmm.. Beeeer..

Selma Bouvier Direct Message to Patty
Selma: Patty, did you see that?
Patty: Yeah. Homer is going to Moe’s.
Selma: Isn’t he supposed to be picking up Lisa from school?
Patty: Wait til Marge gets here. We’ll tell her everything.

Selma Bouvier’s Wall
Marge: Selma I’m on my way.
Patty: Homer is going to Moe’s.
Marge: He’s picking Lisa up from school.
Selma: Let’s take this offline. All of this talk on my Wall feel’s too public for me.
Patty: This is a party line. Talk to us when you get here.
Marge: I’m on my way.

Nelson’s Direct Message to Lisa
Nelson: I will walk you home from school.
Lisa: My dad is picking me up.
Nelson: Didn’t you see his Wall post?
Lisa: I’m not friends with my dad on Facebook.
Nelson: He’s going to Moe’s with Lenny and Carl.
Lisa: Dad!
Nelson: I will walk you home.
Lisa: Fine.

Moe’s Tavern Page
Lenny has just checked in.
Carl has just checked in.
Homer has just checked in.

Homer’s Wall
Status: Homer has just checked in at Moe’s.

Marge’s Wall
Patty: Told you.

Marge’s Profile
Status: Homer!

Moe’s Tavern Page
Marge: Moe. Is Homer there?
Moe: I’m working here.

Carl’s Profile
Marge: Carl, tell Homer to pick up Lisa from school.

Lenny’s Direct Message to Carl
Lenny: Homer’s in trouble.
Carl: What are you telling me for? I don’t socialize on Facebook. That’s girl stuff.

Lisa Direct Message to Nelson
Lisa: Thank you for walking me home.
Nelson: Ah, it was nothing.
Lisa: I’m working on a science project.
Nelson: Oh yeah?
Lisa: I’m making a volcano out of papier mache.
Lisa: Did you know that papier mache evolved the same way on three different continents? Everyone learned how to do the same thing in three isolated places without any knowledge of the other doing it.
Nelson to Lisa: Technological determinism.
Nelson: Lisa, I could talk to you for hours.

Homer’s Wall
Marge: Homer! Are you at Moe’s?
Homer: How did you know?
Marge: I saw your checkin in your Facebook status.
Homer: Doh! If we were in Tanzania you wouldn’t have this technology.
Marge: But we’re in Springfield. Facebook is a part of our culture.
Homer: Marge, you’re such a social constructivist. Just because our culture has this technology doesn’t mean I should be held accountable.
Marge: I’m coming to get you.

Mr. Burns Direct Message to Smithers
Mr. Burns: Fire that man.
Smithers: But his personal life is separate from his work here.
Mr. Burns: I don’t care. Remove him from the company Facebook Group.
Smithers: We can’t fire him on Facebook.
Mr. Burns: Drat!

La Coquelet

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I am sitting in La Coquelet on University Ave. The cafe has wifi and power outlets. The mocha is good and fairly priced. The music is upbeat swing and jazz.

Click the image to watch it animate in a new window.

My artifact from La Coquelet is the first Ducci Brand Clothing promo.

SF Muni Shirts Promo

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San Francisco Muni Shirts Promotion

Muni shirts are available at The Artist X-Change (16th and Guerrero), SoMe (Haight, east of Masonic) and Brand Fury (780 Sutter)

Muni shirts are available at The Artist X-Change (16th and Guerrero), SoMe (Haight, east of Masonic) and Brand Fury (780 Sutter)