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mySpace music trail – May 11, 2007

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I spend my days following links on the interweb. I also want to promote musicians who don’t get the exposure they should have. So here’s my foray into “going where the wind takes me” on mySpace while listening to music. Not such a bad job to have. I like it alot.

Here’s today’s trail:

I started out on http://www.myspace.com/elisedoesntcare. Elise had the song (Funny Little Feeling) by Rock N Roll Soldiers on her page. And it was good.

I followed the link to the band’s page and listend to their available songs.

The song (Black) was just ok.
The song (Guns Out) was good.
The song (Soldiers Fortune) wasn’t very good.

Then I clicked on Hannah Keefe’s photo in the friends section. The song (The Ties Acoustic) came up. It was OK good.
(A Toast To You) was next. It had a nice sound.

You can tell Hannah wants to be a singer because she has things she’s written, not because she sings and wrote songs afterward. Maybe I’m wrong though. I don’t know for sure. She has potential but these recordings aren’t perfected. They are easy to listen to so that’s what matters.

(Ghostlover) was last. It’s missing something. It feels flat.

I accidentally went back to Elise’ page and followed a link to one of her “friends”,
Northern Beaches Fashion Collective

The music that came up is (The Blistering Barnacle) by Lewie Day. It’s electronica. Good too.

So I followed the link to the Lewie Day page. (I Wanna Live) was next. It started out well and finished smoothly.

(Amiel Beyourgirl) was next. The song was layered, yet simple. Easy background music.

(Striptease) was last. It’s easy to listen to. Musically it isn’t complex or groundbreaking.

I wanted to go back to Hannah’s page to follow the original link train but I couldn’t help but go to Natalie Day’s page. She and Lewie Day have the same last name and she was in his friend’s list.

(Train Rolls On) played first. It’s folk. I like folk. This song was really good, if you like folk.

(Reasons) was her only other song. I actually ended up closing my browser for other reasons before I listened to (Reasons). I need to go back because I wanted to like her music.

When I opened the browser again I started over at OohGabrielle’s page. She’s a neo hippie with great taste. On her friend’s list was a dude with big reddish hair. I admired the pic and clicked on it.

Oldmanriver is the artist. The song (Sunshine) came up. I like it. Very 60’s hippie groovy!

And that’s where things ended for the day. Curt and unexpectedly. So it is. So it was.