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mySpace music trail – Sapo Sueno and others

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So here I am on mySpace checking out pretty people and the music they listen to, and the music they play too. I start my mySpace music trail today at the website of Sapo Sueno. They’re a band from Modesto, California. I showed up at Club Waziema on Divisadero to hear a throwback bluegrass band whose name escapes me right now. When I sat down near a table it turns out I sat amongst the friends of the band Sapo Sueno. Or maybe I was with the band itself, I’m not sure. They had just finished their set so I didn’t see them in action. I did meet the singer and he gave me a cd to listen to. Now that leads us into today’s music.

Musician #1: Sapo Sueno

The first song that came up is (Something to Find). It’s a ballad I suppose and it’s really freakin’ good! Listen to it once. Then listen to it again. You’ll have a new song and melody stuck in your head for the rest of the day until you go back and listen to it again tomorrow. Good luck with that.

The second song was (Behind Closed Eyes). It reminds me of the song Voodoo from a band I never really listened to, Godsmack. The songs aren’t similar in the least but maybe you’ll hear what I heard that brought the song to mind. Behind Closed Eyes has all of the elements of a great song. It’s multi-layered and textured. I like Something to Find better though.

The third song on their page right now is (Princess To Be Queen). This song is one key reason why Sapo Sueno has been compared to Dave Matthews Band. From the song structure to the guitar melody to the singing style. They’ve captured Dave from back in the day when I listened to him. Think of the album Crash and you’re in the right era. Princess To Be Queen could take Sapo Sueno places.

So after listening to these three songs I really wanted to go directly to Keri Noble’s page rather than finding someone on Sapo Sueno’s page to link to. After a quick mySpace search I found her and now I can’t help but listen to her sweet sounds. I’m here now.

Musician #2: Keri Noble

The first song is (Emily). Keri sings well written lyrics delivered with a passion only someone truly interested in what she’s singing about could offer. Emily is worth a listen.

The second song is (Watch Me Walk). I think this was a big hit song from a few years ago. As I understand it Keri was signed to one of those big labels for awhile. She toured the world then left the big label. I saw Keri perform in Manhattan at a small club with some of her friends. They rotated through their performances. Keri was head and shoulders above the rest. Her powerful voice and tenderness drew me in completely. Watch Me Walk makes me want to stop and listen.

The third song is (Born Again). The first notes make me think of an old blues song. Keri’s voice is in utter control throughout this tune. Add this to your playlist.

The fourth song is (Hey Lover). This song is well crafted, well sung, and fine tuned. It could work it’s way into a playlist based on Keri’s interpretation of the words in her delivery but overall it feels like just another good song. Live I’m sure I would be engrossed in it. Recorded it’s just good music.

From Keri Noble’s page I decided to jump back onto that music trail I diverged from. One of the people in Keri’s top friends is Brandi Carlile. She has a song currently being pushed heavily on VH1. She’s one of those artists on the rise. So let’s check out her other work too and see what she has for us.

Musician #3: Brandi Carlile

The first song is (The Story). This is the song being pushed on VH1. I really like this song. It’s got a tiny bit of that twang of old country that I like. And when her voice goes into that controlled crack I want to drop what I’m doing to focus on listening. I think I might even play it again right now before going on to the next song. Hold please.

I changed my mind and went on to the second song. It’s called (Turpentine). She’s a storyteller. A folk singing spinner of tales, or maybe memories. It sounds like she’s got some long lost hopes and dreams that haunt her. I bet she’s played this song in clubs for years. I think it would be good to hear in a small venue.

The third song is (Late Morning Lullaby). Brandi has power in her voice. She sings with a backup band and backup singers chime in too. I wonder if she could carry a show with just her guitar and her voice. I think she probably could. The girl is overflowing with talent. Whether you like this form of rock is personal. Personally, I do.

The fourth song is (Have You Ever). It’s got that standard folk song guitar picking. Add to that a well written modern folk song and this little ditty is well worth a listen. Brandi adds a dimension to her music that doesn’t seem kitchy and fake in the least. She uses her intensity to capture the audience and draw it into her world. Add this song to your playlist.

On the trail again. The first person in Brandi Carlile’s top friends that I chose had her profile set to private. I could try to add her as a friend to see if she’d play along with this project of mine. Maybe once I’m famous people will be opening up their “doors” to me. For now I think she would think me a freak.


I chose Caleb. “Song has been deleted by the artist.” Great. I’ll choose someone else.

YES! The link for Natalia pulls up a page with a song playing on it. Here we go.

Musician #4: Ingrid Michaelson

The song on Natalia’s page is (Keep Breathing). It’s a soft song. Regina Spekter would be proud. For all I know they’re sisters. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if that turned out to be the case. Ha! The song starts slow and soft, rises to a crescendo in the middle, and repeats the same chorus over and over. Good song. I’d listen to it again if it came up.

Song #2 is (The Way I Am). Good ol’ small venue folk singer style. My favorite kind these days. It’s got lyrics worth listening to but meaningless all the same. This song has more plays than the others in her list. I’m guessing it’s being played and promoted by someone. Speaking of that. She’s playing The Hotel Utah on June 2nd in SF. Maybe I’ll go check her out.

The third song is (Breakable). It’s a piano driven song. She’s singing sweet sounds and variable lyrics. It’s not a show stopper but who needs a playlist full of show stoppers. Have you ever tried to listen to an hours worth of Frank Sinatra? It gets repetitive.

The fourth song is (Corner Of Your Heart). It starts out with piano and some sort of eery sound effect repeating in the background. It sounds like she’s singing a duet with someone. This song epitomizes why I like Ingrid’s sound. She is perfect coffee shop music. I love coffee shop music. It’s not radio friendly, it’s cafe friendly.

With that I think I’m done with this little music trail.

Today I started with Sapo Sueno.
Got sidetracked by Keri Noble.
Followed a link to check out more of Brandi Carlile.
Was misled until I found Natalia who served up some Ingrid Michaelson.

And now I know what I’m doing on June 2nd, Hotel Utah for Ingrid Michaelson. Brandi Carlile’s upcoming show is sold out. Keri Noble will start touring in the Fall. And Sapo Sueno has an upcoming CD release in Modesto on June 7th. If I can make it out there I’ll be there.