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mySpace music trail – Supersuckers, Saba Munster, Once Soundtrack

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A friend of mine recently invited me by text message to go see the band Supersuckers play. I’d never heard of them.

Her: “Do you want to go see the Supersuckers at Slim’s?”
Me: Not really. When?
Her: Not until July.

I didn’t reply back again but my first thought was I should check them out on mySpace and start my next music trail with them.

Here we go.

Artist #1Supersuckers

The first song that came up was (Gato Negro). The first thing you notice in this rock band is their lyrics. “When I’m not sleeping I’m taking a nap. And I’m sure you know just how I feel. I assure you I am real.” The music itself is that of a seasoned bar band.

The second song I played was (Paid). This song was a bit slower than Gato Negro. It’s not a soft piece though. “I have to press on cause there’s no other way. You gotta work and you gotta get paid.” That’s the chorus of this one. I can picture the crowd nodding along with their 3rd or 4th plastic cup of cheap beer, closing their eyes as the guitarist solos, and maybe trying to chant along when the backup vocalist chants “work”.

The third song for me was (Pretty Fucked Up). “She’s got a man on the side. She’s probably with him today… She used to be pretty. But now she just pretty fucked up.” This song is decent. I enjoy these rock bands more when I can hear the lyrics over the power chords. This song is good for that.

The last song on their playlist was (Breaking Honey’s He…). I assume it’s Breaking Honey’s Heart but mySpace cuts off the title when it’s too long. This song is a softer rock song, a ballad if you will. A little harmonica tossed in for good measure. Some melody in the delivery. I like this better than the heavier rockin’ of Gato Negro. Personal preference though. Both are quality performances.

So will I join my friend for the Supersuckers show at Slim’s? Probably not. Maybe though. Sometimes the best shows are the ones where you don’t have any expectations.

From the Supersuckers site I clicked on Zenova’s page.

She was first in their top friends. On her page was the song (Dirty Blouse feat Yasi) by Saba Munster.

Artist #2Saba Munster

(Dirty Blouse feat Yasi) is a story about some experience from the artist’s youth. I’d describe it as synth-pop. Strange sound and I liked it. Add it to your Imogen Heap playlist and you’ll be alright.

I wasn’t convinced I should go to Saba Munster’s page to listen to the rest of his work but I figured why not. The second song is (BAT). It’s electronica pop storytelling. Saba covers up his musicals talents with vocoder stylings. The song is ok, easy to listen to.

Song number three? Again, why not. (Mr Scurvy) starts off slow and gets more energized as it goes on. I think this is another cafe-friendly track. You might remember Ingrid Michaelson http://www.myspace.com/ingridmichaelson earned this classification too. Mr Scurvy has a little electronica, a little guitar strumming, and some mildly emotional lyric delivery.

On to number four. Oh look at that it’s (Dirty Blouse Altered). This time there’s a female singer singing the duet with Mr. Munster. The story of their youthful love-capades comes across better with this duet version. I’m not going back to check but I think this version is a little slower than the version featuring Yasi. Oh, I know why. There’s only a piano this time, not electronica synth-pop.

Moving on.

One of Saba Munster’s top friends is someone named Golnessa. I like the name. Let’s check her out. Ohhh! Private account. I like her quote though. “laziness is the life of the soul and activity is the life of the ego.” I haven’t heard that one before. Maybe I will add her to my friend’s list.

Going back. Who else can I listen to?

Delara has a fun picture. Let’s check out her page.

She’s got (Falling Slowly) from the Once Soundtrack on her page. It’s a sappy love song. Quality singing. Well arranged. Beautiful sound. I dig it.

I think I’ll stop here.

Today I started with the Supersuckers.
Liked Zenova’s name and picture.
Followed the link to Saba Munster.
Tried Golnessa’s page.
Then finished it off with a song from the Once Soundtrack on Delara’s page.