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mySpace music trail – Failed Expression, Arcade Fire

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When I was travelling a year ago I spent two months in Australia. After bicycling 700 miles from Lakes Entrance to Newcastle I hitched a ride with a newspaper delivery truck to Byron Bay for the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival. I was able to go to three days of the festival! It was awesome to say the least.

While at the festival chugging chocolate soymilk in the crowd I met two girls, Gabi and Jaime. Then I met their friend Damien. They befriended me and let me wander around with them. And to this day they still let me wander around with them on mySpace.

So today’s mySpace music trail starts with Damien’s page.

Artist #1Failed Expression

Damien had (Dance Party Plus) on his page. The song is cool. It’s a little Bloc Party-esque. It’s got that rock dance party thing going rather than the “Ung-ta Ung-ta Ung-ta” dance party beat thing. I support Damien’s choice of song.

The second track on the Failed Expression page (Dead Like Me) is actually a sound byte from what very might be a college musical. It’s HILARIOUS! The term LOL is overused. Too bad though. I’m going to write it out for potentcy. I laughed out loud to this 40 second wonder.

From Damien’s page I decided to choose Zach Braff from his top friends. I mean, who has only 63 friends and one of them is Zach Braff. I had to do it. And great choice it was. Zach’s page had Arcade Fire playing. YES! I just saw them last Saturday at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. They are the show of the summer. See them live if you can. Trust… me…

Artist #2Arcade Fire

Zach had the song (Rebellion Lies) playing. This is probably the bands biggest hit to date. It’s “Nice. Nice.” The song captures their sound to a “T”. It brings me back to being 25 people from the stage, direct center, amongst good people all going “wooooo, woo woo woo woo woo woo woooooo” together. Listen and you’ll get it.

When I got the Arcade Fire Official page the first song that came up was (In The Backseat). The song is beautiful and meaningful. It’s soft for a long time until the orchestra chimes in and the singer busts out in a melodic manner. Give it a chance.

I listened to (Windowsill) next. “I don’t want the salesman coming after me.” The whole song is a commentary mixed with poetry. I mean, “I don’t want to live in my father’s house no more” is a great line so they repeat it. But to say it once is commentary. To repeat it is poetic. The song drives forward with direction and some repetition. I approve on many levels. “MTV what have you done to me?”

After (Windowsill) I went for a hike from the Cliff House toward Baker Beach along the coastal trail. When I started listening to the Arcade Fire again I started with (Wake Up). The song was the finale at the concert last weekend. It’s soooo good. Words can be used to describe it’s sound, styling and whatever, but the feeling is something I’d rather let you feel yourself. That’s the best part!

So today’s mySpace music trail began with an Australian friend of mine.
From his page I found a strange artist page for Failed Expression.
Then I went back to my friend’s page and found Zach Braff.
Zach had Arcade Fire on his page and that’s how I finished my listening today.