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mySpace music trail – Amy Winehouse, Mutya Buena

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I start the mySpace music trail today on my friend Dani’s page. She posts bulletins once, twice, four times a day. Usually they are those silly surveys that ask you about the last time you kissed someone, or what you’re doing right now. Sometimes she posts real bulletins advertising that she’s going to be at the hair salon today so come on in and “get yer hair did.” If I lived nearby I’d probably go on in and have her cut a follicle or two.



Artist #1Amy Winehouse

Note: The songs only play for a minute.

The song on Dani’s page is (Back to Black). I actually like this song. It’s got that booming, orchestra-supported, big theater sound.

The second song on Amy’s page is (I’m No Good). It’s some sort of a dirty jazz pop song. The whole Amy Winehouse sound is supposed to be a throwback sound. I wonder if she was discovered first, then they made her sound this way for marketing reasons. Or if she was making this kind of music first, then they found her and pushed it on everyone. Think of Mambo #5. That catchy song that lasted #5 minutes in the limelight.

The third song is (Rehab). I refuse to even play it. This song is good but it’s been overplayed, overhyped, and overperformed. Every time I see an awards show or whatever she’s standing there singing about how she’s not going back to rehab. Her stage presence is simple boring. She gives off an air that she doesn’t care to be there singing the same song again and again. And I don’t care to listen to that song anymore either.

Next and last is (I Heard Love Is Blind). That flapper, Madeleine Peroux sound comes to mind. It’s simple and muted trumpeted. Add a running beat and a little panache and there you have it. For the minute I heard it I could see myself listening to it a few times more, until it gets overplayed. I still like Ms. Peroux better. Something tells me she has more class than Ms. Winehouse.

From Amy’s page I found Mutya Buena in her top friends. Her thumbnail picture is attractive. Let’s see who she is. Oh look she’s an R&B / Pop singer.

Artist #2Mutya Buena

Oh my. (Real Girl) is the first song. It’s completely, utterly cliche. I don’t like this style all that much anyway and this song doesn’t do anything to draw me in. They even paid to use a famous hook in the background. Listen and tell me what that song’s name is. It escapes me.

I’ll try the second song. Maybe (Song 4 Mutya Out Of…) will be better. It’s a highly produced pop song. I like it better than (Real Girl). Still not very good though. It’s just a generic sound. Sorry Mutya and her fans.

Here goes. Song number three is called (Just A Little Bit). It starts off pretty good. It’s a little story of love and loss. Awww. I could see my roommate maybe liking something like this. She’s more into R&B than I am. Meanwhile, I would never play Mutya’s music again.


From Mutya’s top friends I’ll pick (*)Dalisay Buena(*). Maybe she’s related to Mutya. I had good luck the last time I picked someone with the same last name from a top friend’s list. That was Natalie Day, related to Lewie Day. That combination forms a nasty 1-2 punch of good family music.

Oh no! Failure! Dalisay Buena’s song has been deleted by the artist. If she posts someone new let me know. Work with me people!



So today I started off with Danielle DeWall’s page. She posts bulletins every day.

Then I listened to Amy Winehouse who needs to get back to Rehab and sing other songs.

From there I found Mutya Buena who I found to be mas malo que buena. But it’s not my type of music so listen for yourself.

Then the train came crashing to a halt when Mutya’s top friend Dalisay had no musical artist on her page.