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mySpace music trail – Lisa Hannigan, Nya Jade, KennyO

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I was out and about last night with my roommate. After drinking sangria and dining at Cha Cha Cha we stopped at a gas station for a little fuel. While we were filling up my roommate said, “Hey, isn’t that your friend Kenny?”

“No way!” I thought. So I immediately pulled out my cell phone and called him. She was right. So he came back down to the gas station and we caught up.

Kenny’s been playing keys with Nya Jade. I told him I’d start today’s mySpace music trail with her site. And once I’m done I’m heading over to the Haight Street Fair. I miss it every year for some reason.

Oh, but before I start I want to recommend going to Lisa Hannigan’s fan page. If I had to name someone famous I’d love to meet it would have to be her. I love how she sings with Damien Rice. I haven’t heard her on her own yet. I swear she floors me like no one else.

Artist #1Nya Jade

I didn’t know what to expect. The first song (Live) is really good! I’m impressed. It’s got a nice tempo and beat. The bounce and flow factor is working for me.

The second song (Fall Through) is well-harmonized and beautiful. I feel a little Imogen Heap comparison coming on. Not a lot, just enough. The song is medium tempo and easy to listen to.

(Next To You) starts out with the keys. Then Nya begins singing. And the song rolls slowly on. It’s a nice thank you letter of a song. An ode to a loved one. I can see why Kenny loves playing with her. I hope she gets her due.

From Nya’s top friends I decided to do something I don’t like doing. I chose Kenny-O. I know it’s a friend of mine and that’s my beef. I don’t want to review friends for fear of not writing a positive review. The repercussions are obvious.

Screw it though. I can do what I want. Kenny has a normal web page rather than an artist page. He’s got his demo called (Future Love) playing. It has a full sound, a straightforward musical piece with lots of instrumental (and synth) layers. Kenny can sing. And it turns out he can produce a good song too.

From Kenny’s top friends I chose to listen to more of KennyO. Let’s see if all of his songs sound the same as the one on his personal page.



Artist #2KennyO

Hmm… The first song that played was (Phoenix). It’s OK, missing something though. It has various elements that should come together in superbity but it misses the mark. I think the flow of the whole piece (not his flow) needs attention. And there are a lot of sounds where simplicity could be more my style.

The second song I played is called (Tumble Dry Low). It flows better than (Phoenix). If I were into this style of music I could dig it. I think it could use more punch. Like when the judges for “So You Think You Can Dance” told the dancers repeatedly to make sure they always made full extensions. Bring your hands and feet to a point. Something about Kenny’s singing brought that advice to mind. Meanwhile, it’s not my normal genre so it could be perfect as it is.

As always, listen for yourself. Make your own opinion.

The third song on KennyO’s page is (Future Love). We already heard that one on his personal page so I’ll reefer you to the above section. Did I say reefer? Yes, I did. It’s time to head off to the Haight Street Fair.

Today’s I was listening to some Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan. Then started my mySpace music trail with Nya Jade. And finished with KennyO.