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mySpace music trail – Honeymoon Tree, Lisa Hannigan

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While at the Haight Street Fair yesterday I sold 12 of my MUNI t-shirts. Some people loved the idea! Some people actually bought shirts. Either way I’m getting the exposure I need to sell more of my shirts.

Speaking of exposure, the whole idea of this mySpace music trail is to help give artists exposure they might not otherwise have. At the street fair I heard a group of guys playing some folk music. The lead singer said they were in 3 bands between them. He gave me the link to one of the bands pages.

Artist #1Honeymoon Tree

The first song (Goodbye Oakland) starts out dreamy. It’s like an unencumbered Beatles track opening. Toss in a casual folk harmonization and you sort of have it. The track has no lyrics in the minute that it plays. I love where it’s going and wish I could hear the rest.

The second song (Sticky When Wet) is an acoustic number. Simple picking and harmonies. It’s a beautiful love story, a throwback to the days when sitting around the black and white television meant you had something good to hear on the late night variety show. I recommend this song! Note: It plays longer than a minute too.

The third song is a demo of (Doesn’t Matter). The first couple of measures remind me of a song by the band James. I’m waiting for the lines to match. They never came. In fact no lyrics came. It’s another instrumental. Not like an electronica instrumental. More like a musical interlude, or maybe a song that can be used by someone else for their lyrics. I like the sound of it and could stick it on repeat while I read a book or something.

The last song (Eschaton Clip) doesn’t play right away. They put in a long intro of silence for some reason. But once it starts it draws you right in, assuming you’re into the gypsy folk stylings. Oh, but then it’s gone again. Shoot! They whole sample/clip is only 54 seconds longs. I want more.

As I talked to Aslon, the singer of Honeymoon Tree, he mentioned that I could find the entire underground San Francisco folk scene through his friends’ list. I swear I want to do it. If there’s talent in there maybe I could start a movement. Bring back the legendary SF music scene that’s faded since the glory days of the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and so many others.

But for now I want to go back and do a more thorough review of Lisa Hannigan. I realized that I mentioned her yesterday and linked to a fan site. Then I didn’t review her songs. It seems she doesn’t have a mySpace page herself so today I’ll go to another fan site of Ms. Hannigan. I just wish she had an official page of her own.

Artist #2Lisa Hannigan

The first song (Your Ghost) is one I’ve never heard. The chord progression rings of Stairway to Heaven but the voice and delivery are all Lisa. She isn’t singing the whispy, dreamy style she so often does when she sings with Damien Rice. She’s actually singing more like a folk singer. This is totally cafe friendly music. Good tune.

The song (By My Husband) is cool. It has an African rhythmic styling. I’ve never heard Lisa with this kind of gospel choir soul before. It works really well for her. My friend Steve would like this song a lot. Hey Steve, whatdoyathink?

(Don’t Explain) sounds like a Jade song, but of course with Lisa’s voice and influence. It’s a jazzy number. Can you imagine walking into a hotel lobby and hearing a jazz singer like Heather Lauren, then looking up and seeing Lisa Hannigan standing there. Wow! In the middle of the song Damien Rice jumps in to make this a duet. He’s a perfect complement.

I wish Lisa had her own page but I’ll settle for the fansite from yesterday, and the fan site from today.  After checking Wikipedia I found that Lisa’s band is called The Daisy Okell Quartet.  There’s no music to be found but I’m sure it’s forthcoming.

Sorry I diverged from the music trail. I was listening to Lisa this morning and Honeymoon Tree last night. But last night I didn’t want to start a music trail before going to bed. It’d be like eating ice cream or pizza. Well I guess that’s a bad example since I ate ice cream right before I slept. Next time I’ll be perfect.