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mySpace music trail – Brandi Carlile, Jon is a Mad Scientist, Azumanga Daioh, Quruli

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22 Fillmore

Last night I really wanted to go see Dave Chappelle perform at Punchline Comedy Club. He does these last minute shows that people find out about somehow. I found out too late and ended up getting invited to go see Brandi Carlile and Indigo Girls perform at The Fillmore. I really wanted to see Brandi perform, and back in the day I would bob my head to the Indigo Girls so I figured why not.

I reviewed Brandi Carlile back on May 23rd. Her live show didn’t disappoint. The Fillmore was packed for her despite being the opener. We all wanted more and were treated to it later on. I could easily see the headliner and opener swapping roles later in the tour, or perhaps next tour.

For today’s mySpace music trail I’m going to start with my friend Jon. He’s an intellectual kung-fu dj.

Artist #1Jon is a Mad Scientist

Track #1 from this BFamily Soundsystem dj is (Technosaurus Sells…). Looped sounds mixed in a way that makes your head bob up, then down and back again. Oh how I miss the days when I would hear all about amplitudes of sound waves. For a geek Jon knows his way around a 606.

Track #2 is my namesake, (Darkness). Stemming from a few stoned nights watching Dave Chappelle episodes Jon and I started calling each other Darkness. Then one night I came home to find Jon laying flat on his bed in the dark listening to this tight beat for what must have been a half hour. On nice speakers turned up loud this track is sick. He saw my enthusiasm for it and named Darkness for me. I love the notes that come in and repeat for the middle of the track.

Track #3 is called (Hovertron). It’s a slow track with a good beat and some strange voice sampling over the top of it. It sounds like a philosophical conversation he recorded and tweaked with a vocoder. The music behind it is tight. Slow track though. It’s the kind of thing you’d hear in a small record shop and dig the ambience.

Track #4 is (Harbinger). I love the looped beat in the beginning. It’s spot on. Then the claps come in and add some texture. As the track gets faster and more layered it gets better and better. Jon’s pattern is to start with something minimal, fill the spectrum, then bring it back down to minimal at the end of the track, playing with the layers along the way. It works in a shoegazer kind of way.

From Jon’s top friends I decided to pick Morgan Webb. Jon was my roommate for awhile, but before me he lived with Morgan for awhile. Then Morgan went on to become G4’s video game master. Jon told me of how she worked her ass off kicking his ass at video games to prepare for the job interview. It’s a competitive world folks. Be good at what you do though and people will take note.

All that build up and no explosion. She doesn’t have any music playing on her page. Morgan put some music on your mySpace page. She does have dudes leaving her crude comments though. Why would someone write the things they’ve written. Baffling.

I’ll pick someone from her top friends and move on. How about Kimura-sensei. Maybe I’ll hear something totally new. Oh wow. And new it is!

Artist #2Azumanga Daioh

Kimura-sensei has (Soramimi Cake) on his page. The language sounds like Japanese. The style is almost childlike. Meanwhile you can tell it’s been produced really well. I bet there are lyrics out there somewhere. I’m not gonna search for them though. Give it a listen. Put a smile on your face. Add it to your playlist and be carefree for a couple minutes.

So I clicked on Azumanga Daioh’s page link to listen to more. Drat! This is the only track. The artist description says it’s J-POP. For those who don’t know there’s a huge genre of music called J-POP. It’s Japanese Pop music and has a flavor all it’s own.

Let’s see if I can find some more to finish the mySpace music trail for today. From Azumanga’s top friends I picked Ozzie. It was either Ozzie or mySpace Tom. Tough call. Playing on Ozzie’s page is Quruli. Who is this? I don’t know.

Artist #3Quruli

The song on Ozzie’s page is (Jubilee Gemischt Von). If I’m not mistaken that’s a german title. The song sounds like Japanese though. How very intriguing. It’s not J-POP like the other song. It’s more dramatic and lovey dovey. I’d say it’s J-Rock. American rock music frequently consists of a drum, guitar, bass, and a singer. Maybe there’s a piano tossed in too. This song is a bit more elaborate, quite orchestral. Give it a listen. Spice up your world.

So I went to Quruli’s page and it turns out he’s classified as J-POP / Rock / Alternative. I was right. The song that came up first is called (Rock and Roll). How quaint. The song itself sounds like an American rock song, only sung in Japanese. Not to say it’s a cover song, rather it mimics the standard rock stylings.

The next song is (Tokyo – Album Mix). It’s totally a Japanese Wallflowers. As in The Wallflowers with Jakob Dylan. A man I’ve talked to during one of his shows at The Fillmore a few years ago. He wouldn’t remember it. This Quruli song makes me think that they might have a bit of a following in Japan. They’ve got the rock star sound. Wow! This song finished strong, like whiskey. I like it.

The last track is called (Rose). It makes me think of Death Cab for Cutie. I don’t know why exactly. If you can place it better please help me out. This song is slower paced than (Toyko). It’s produced well and sounds tight. I’m presuming it’s a song about love or girls or something like that.

Today I started off talking about last night’s Brandi Carlile concert.
Started my mySpace music trail with Jon is a Mad Scientist.
Linked to Morgan Webb who had no music, for shame.
Discovered some J-POP in Azumanga Daioh.
Then found a band named Quruli who’s been releasing music since 1998.

I think I’ve spent enough time on mySpace this morning.