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mySpace music trail – Mika, Bolt Action Five, Dan le Sac, CocoRosie

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I took a day off from writing my Walnotes yesterday. Something in me said go work out. Go climb. Go get out of the house. And I did. I actually ended up climbing twice. My shoulders are feeling much better than they were all Spring and I feel like I can start improving my climbing again. It’s about freakin’ time.

Now my arms hurt as I sit on a comfy couch in a laundromat stealing wireless access, listening to the change machine sound like a winning slot machine.

OK, this first artist comes from the page of a new friend of mine. She’s cool.

Artist #1Mika

The song on Amie’s page is (Big Girl). “You take your girl on multiply her by four.” Nice! The song starts with a quick party beat and just gets more and more flambouyantly raucous as it goes on. Gotta love it!

When I went to Mika’s page (Big Girl) came up first. I had to listen to it again. It’s catchy and fun. The next song was (Love Today). The first part of the song was used by MTV all the time and I never knew it was from Mika. The song reminds me of some sort of 80’s song. Like Awesome 80’s attacked Totally 80’s and created a Scissor Sisters spin-off. The song is fun and high energy, not to mention catchy.

The third song is (Grace Kelly). This is the hit song they play on MTV. It’s a piano driven, passionate piece. Falsetto filled choruses are tossed between heartfelt verses. It’s a total Queen song. Freddie Mercury may have passed away but if they’re considering a replacement you could easily toss in Mika and revive everything. Finally! We need something to spice up the live music world.

The last track is titled (Mika Album Sampler). I’m not sure where this will take me. When I think of a sampler I think of the beer sampler at Magnolia Brewery on Haight. I guess that’s not so bad. First sample in the sampler was (Grace Kelly). The second sample is actually a really good song. I heard it the other day. The third track isn’t long enough. Good style though. The next sample I heard is (Love Today). After that is a track I don’t know the title of but it’s got a good sound, a little softer than the others. I stopped keeping track after that. All the songs are in the same Elton John meets Scissor Sisters meets Queen style.

From Mika’s top friends I chose “stars”. Full name – stars is officially running tings. Awesome screen name! The artist on her page is Bolt Action Five.

Artist #2Bolt Action Five

The song on “stars” page is (Can The Freedom). It sounds like Mika with added techno and less fun energy. I didn’t dig this song all so much. It dragged on a bit. Let’s see what else the artist plays.

The second song on their page is (Gurl Howl). Their site describes them as Industrial / Pop / Indie. I’m not sure how to describe them. Their sound isn’t entirely unique. I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe David Bowie might know? There’s a mix of synth sounds, strange-pop, and little meaning to the lyrics. Or I’m just not drawn to them so I haven’t heard anything they’ve said. They’re not awful by any means. Nonetheless I can’t describe them.

The third song is (Tree Friend Tree Foe). It’s another strange-pop song. It’s better than the other song and I can imagine it’ll be played a lot in certain clubs. I wouldn’t listen to it again though. The sound is filled with driving synth loops and repetitive lyrics.

The last song is (Spring Heel Jack). It starts out with the double-kick drums. Very fast! The lead guitar is electric. The singer is expressive. The song is probably really good live when you’ve had a drink or two and your friends are all groovin’ out. I can picture there being a group of 25 kids in the front by the stage just jumping around having a blast to this song. Sitting at the laundromat listening I can only think of hipsters blasting it while they put on their too-tight jeans, striped shirts, and Chucks before they go out for the day.

I want one more band or two. I’m going to listen to the next two songs on people’s pages, but not the entire set on the band page. From Bolt Action Five’s top friends I’ll choose Dan le Sac. Turns out Dan’s an artist himself.

Artist #3Dan le Sac

The song that came up first is (Elastica Live Remix). I know the original song and the remix is fun. I wouldn’t call it Girl Talk kick ass but it definitely rocks out!

I want to try another one before I move on. How about (Cupid On Dylan). I have no idea what to expect. Yes! It starts out with acoustic guitar strumming like a Dylan song. Then a dude with a Caribbean/British sounding voice starts talking expressively. The anticipation of where this is going is growing. Meanwhile you can hear Dylan’s voice on repeat in the background. And the dude in the foreground is still talking, telling a story. The whole thing is distractingly good. Rock on Dan le Sac!

You know what. No! Damn you Dan le Sac!! Now I want to sample your other two tracks. Curses! But I stand strong. I’m moving on to your top friend Rebecca. I betcha it’s his girlfriend. She is top friend #3 after all.

Artist #4CocoRosie

I found CocoRosie on Rebecca’s page. She has (Noah’s Ark) playing. The singer’s voice sounds like Regina Spekter. It’s a beautiful voice to listen to. Then it’s stylized a bit with some sort of effect for the hook. Or maybe that’s someone else. I can’t really tell. This song is creepy dreamy. Not like a bad dream and not fairy tale lovely. It’s somewhere in the middle. Closer to a lullaby for the Simpson’s Generation. I think this is going to be my new profile song on my own page.

I lost track of my desire to quit. The second song on Coco Rosie’s page is (Rainbow Warriors). The chorus sounds like Enya with a hip hop tint. The verses are easy on the ears. I wouldn’t call it easy listening though, merely melodic. This song is well worth a listen. Very cafe-friendly.

The third song is (Promise). CocoRosie describe their music as Christian Rap / Black Metal / Disco House. (Promise)’ lyrics have the first mention of blessings that I’ve heard so far from this French group. It isn’t overwhelming like DC Talk though. More like Outkast in that you would never think of disliking the tunes for any religious reasons. (Promise) is a good track. Something I’d hear at a friend’s house, like, and then ask who it was because I would have full intention of checking them out later…but never would.

The last track is (Ocean Rave). It starts out with what sounds like a recording from an old radio show played over ethereal music. They create an ambient effect before they start singing “Poison. Her tears like poison.” on repeat. Good stuff. I love how it’s almost minimalist.

OK, that’s it. No more music. I’m done with today’s mySpace music trail.

I started out with Mika. Certainly not for everyone outside of SF, Miami, Hillcrest (in San Diego), and the Lower East Side but I dig it.

I moved on to Bolt Action Five who didn’t wow me since I’m no tight pants wearing hipster kid.

Then Dan le Sac made me stick around and check out a second mix before I found CocoRosie on his top friend Rebecca’s page.