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mySpace music trail – Tina Schlieske, Rachmaninov

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Years ago I took a drive down the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego. I’m not the kind of person that needs to have a set destination or lodging in place before I go somewhere when I’m by myself. So when I arrived in Santa Barbara I didn’t know where I was going to end up. What I did know was that the Detroit Red Wings game was starting the third period and watching it at a sports bar would be a great cap to my day of driving.

So I drove around without a map and any foresight trying to find a sports bar. Then I found some place right as the game was ending on the radio. Oh well, life goes on. But at that bar two things left their mark on me. One was the taste of De Konninck beer. Oh it tasted good that night. And the other was the sound of Tina Schlieske. She was playing music with her band in the corner of the bar. Inimitable impression she left on me.

Artist #1Tina Schlieske

It’s been so long since I’ve actually listened to her. (Little Girl Blue) is the first track on her page. Take a raspy, near-smoker’s voice, add the blues and think of Ben Harper. This will get you in the right place for (Little Girl Blue). Smooth delivery. Soulful singing. Toss this on during your Sunday afternoon brunch sessions.

(Wrapped Tight) starts with the blues harmonica jammin’ out. Then Tina just comes right out and busts things up over a standard blues song. This song is so much more powerful than if a standard singer would sing it. Tina has that energy you need, like James Brown vs. your house band at the local blues bar.

(Never Knew Love) is a ballad over soft music. An acoustic guitar and a drum support her raspy longings for love in the right way. When the background singers chime in everything sounds so sappy and hopeful that you can’t help but wish her love in that minefield of dating.

(Son of a Gun) rounds things out for Tina’s page. It has the generic rock sound that doesn’t draw me in no matter how good it is. Nevertheless the singing is still powerful and to see Tina perform this in a small venue would still draw my ear. She’s talented through and through. I just don’t dig the basic rock sound.

After that long day of driving to Santa Barbara I stopped and drank a De Konninck beer for the first time. It became my favorite beer for years. I listened to Tina Schlieske perform that night for the first time too. She stuck in my memory for years too. I have to admit that I still like both but neither are my favorite anymore.

From Tina’s top friends I’ll choose eEvil Ink Design. Yes! eEvil has Rachmaninov playing on his page. Bring it RACHY!

Artist #2Rachmaninov

eEvil has (Prelude Opt23 No5 G) on his page. For those unfamiliar with classical music Rachmaninov is the shit. I’m not a seasoned classical music afficianado and that may be why I like Rachmaninov. His style is upbeat and flavorful. You listen and don’t fall asleep, a pretty good measuring stick in this era of short attention spans.

I went to Rachmaninov’s page knowing full well that he isn’t living any longer. Not to say he’s not getting any younger. For all we know that’s what happens when you die. However long you lived you spend that long growing younger waiting to come back again.

The first song on Rachmaninov’s page is (Rhapsody on Theme O…). I don’t know the full name, sorry. This song is another instrumental piece. It’s more symphonic than the other track. The first one was a piano piece. Thisone is a bit more dreamy, sleepy.

The third track is (No 3 Op 30 I Alleg…). mySpace needs to give artists more room for their titles. Seriously. For a site of it’s caliber you should be able to get better quality. Rachmaninov, on the other hand. He delivers! The piano is fast and furious. The symphonic support adds essential ambience. And the whole tune comes together in an enriching loaf of wondermusic. Add this to your tea-time serenade.

Today I started my mySpace music trail with a road trip down Highway 1 memory lanes. Tina Schlieske knows her blues and rock. Check her out and add yourself to her mailing list. Someday she may leave Minnesota to play in your town.

Then from her top friend’s list I found someone who likes their classical music. Bring on Rachmaninov!

That’s it for today. I’m off to the river to escape this foggy summer in the city.