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mySpace music trail – The Knife, Robotnicka, Tussle

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I was shopping for real estate online yesterday. There’s a commercial space at 17th and Harrison for $195,000. The space is 555 sq. feet. It has a 1/2 bath (ie. sink and toilet) and it’s in a growing area. There isn’t a lot of foot traffic so what would be a good business to run out of it? Drugs would do well but there are legal implications.

I was thinking it could be a great headquarters for BetaCafe Internet-Life Consultants. There is a high school two blocks away. I could set up a few computers and initiate an after school program for the youths, and in the evening it would be available for professionals who want to manage their internet lives, or learn something computer related that they don’t already know. But how do I make money off of it?

I start my mySpace music trail with my friend Mo’s page. She’s a low key, kick ass media maker.

Artist #1The Knife

Mo’s got (Heartbeats – Live) on her page. The song is really cool. It’s kick drum heavy with a slow, steady heartbeat. The singer’s voice is smooth and tantalizing. The bass guitar reminds me of the song (Take My Breath Away) by Berlin. I give Mo props for having this song on her profile.

The first thing I noticed on The Knife’s page is the color scheme. It’s dark blue and black. Oh, and the band is Swedish. They’ve been together since 1999 and won some Grammy’s in 2006. Good stuff.

The song (Marble House) is next. I will try to describe it as deep house, trance, ambient, chamber music. I know it doesn’t totally fit but how else can you describe this unique sound? It’s very good and yet indescribable. I love how the lead singer’s voice and the background vocals are so listenable. The melody and sound are brilliant.

The next song is (Silent Shout). This is the name of their award winning album so hopefully I’ll dig it too. It’s a dance track. It reminds me a little of Tiesto when I saw him at Coachella in May. One big difference is Tiesto liked to have rising action in his tracks. I don’t hear that here. It’s pretty level most of the way through. Not to mention there are vocals on (Silent Shout). It sounds good but I don’t think of it as groundbreaking in any way.

The last track is (Marble House David…). Oh mySpace. Give artists more room for their titles. This track is a remix by David…. The beat and sound are dramatically different than in the original version with a much more aggressive tone. One constant is the vocals. I’m glad they kept them. I do like this version though. It works for me.

From The Knife’s top friends I’ll choose Robotnicka. Aw yeah! Robotnicka has described their music as an electro, glam, jam band. Furtherly as disco/synth/punk/thrash/riot!

Artist #2Robotnicka

The first track is (Hatzanasumi) and it’s electro, synth and glam. And it’s in French. I have no idea what they’re singing and probably never will. It’s irrelevant. The song is packed with energy and serves it’s purpose. Go ahead, rock out to it!

(L’Espoir) is next. It makes me think of the Go Go’s in their heyday. Maybe with a little more angst and anti-establishmentism. I bet they’re singing “We are gonna jam. We are gonna jam. We are gonna jam till the cows come home.” Hold on, I want to look up the translation of L’Espoir. OK. The title is “The Hope”. I guess my interpretation is probably off.

The next song is (01000101011101). Shweet! They’re computer geeks too. The song is electro glam punk as they alluded to. It’s the kind of music you’d hear from an opening band and would buy their CD at their merch tent to jam out to it at home, hoping your friends would like it too. Some might. It’s a niche market.

(L’Avion) is last. I want to confirm that the title is really The Plane. [Yep. It is.] The song is alright. It’s high energy and the lyrics are still in French, of course. You could improve the vocal balancing a bit but otherwise it works for me. I love the jamming out in this track. It better represents their jam band description.

From the top friends of Robotnicka I’ll pick Tussle. Aw hell yeah! They’re from San Francisco.

Artist #3Tussle

Track #1 is (Meh Teh sample). It sounds like a guy in his bedroom wrote a beat, put it on repeat, added some electronic sounds and mixed in some melody. The artist describes their sounds as ghettotech/minimalist/big beat. I can see it. The track would be good background music for having sex so your roommates can’t hear you.

The second track is (Flickr Hot Chip rm…). I don’t know the full title to this one either mySpace. This track is much slower than (Meh Teh). It’s still electronic with no vocals. It much more minimalist though. I like where it’s going but I couldn’t tell you where it’ll end up. All the while I’m bobbing my head to the beat so they’re doing something right.

The third track is (Elephants remix). It starts out with what could be an interpretation of elephants walking heavily. Then the other electronic sounds are mixed in. I’m sure Tussle could be found doing DJ sets in small SF bars during happy hour, or maybe as part of a bigger show with BFamily Sound System. They would draw similar crowds. Ooh. The song goes somewhere and by the time it ends you don’t even realize it’s been built up to a wall of sound.

The last track is (Warning). It starts with a bass line. Then a drum beat jumps on board. This song is “instrumental”, or at least has no vocals. I could see tweakers and club kids dancing around to it. I’m bobbing my head as I type. It’s easy on the ears, carries a little funk with it, and jams out a bit too. Good track.

Today I started my mySpace music trail on Mo’s page. She was playing (Heartbeats) by The Knife. Great song!

Then I moved on to some french band called Robotnicka. They’re from Dijon and play glam, jam band music. Taste them yourself. If you like anti-establishment glam music you’ll love them.

From their top friends I found Tussle. It turns out they’re from San Francisco. How cool is that. I start out with a Swedish band, then a French one, and the music trail brings me right on home. Tussle plays a set at The Rio on June 30th.