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mySpace music trail – PT’s Revenge, Powerthirst, Tila Tequila

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Getting started today I checked my Facebook account. I’m starting to really like Facebook. My friend noted that she is getting paid to become addicted to YouTube. Here’s one video she embedded in her profile. I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile.

So it’s time to start the mySpace music trail. I heard about the first artist a year ago or more. She is a hit in the internet world. So much so that she has 67, 936,873 hits on her mySpace page. Not bad. She didn’t have nearly that many a year ago. Which just goes to show that you don’t need a big marketing budget to reach a lot of people.

Artist #1Tila Tequila

(Knock You Out) came up first. It only plays for a minute but it’s hilarious. Tila raps funny “I’m harder than you” lyrics. Add a dash of Lady Sovereign style post-production and you have quite the piece of music on your hands. I don’t think Tila takes her music too seriously, but she delivers as though she does.

(Call Me 860-256-8452) is next. Shoot! It’s a 30 second marketing ploy rather than a song. She wants you to call her at 860-256-8452 and leave her a message. If this really gets to her I can see why she has so many hits on her page. It’s the ultimate boy-in-his-bedroom dream to contact a hot celebrity. She’s made it so you may actually get to interact with her. Very cool.

[Editor’s Note: I scrolled down her page and found that 41,000 people have left her messages and that you can listen to the most recent ones right on her mySpace page.]

(I Love You Snippet) is the third track. Oh my gosh! It reminds me of one of my former roommates. She would be in her room yelling at people on her cell phone in full drama fashion just like Tila in this track. Hilarious! This song comes from the heart. Deep down Tila really just wants to be loved…so don’t cross her.

(Fuck Ya Man) is the last track. This is the one that I heard a year ago. It’s got great delivery and a tasty beat. Tila is defending herself from all those man-fan-girlfriends who are jealous of her. “You want to get mad bitch, I don’t give a damn.” Oh cool. This track plays the whole song rather than just a sample of it. Check it out.

From Tila Tequila’s top friends I’ll pick Lil Jon. I don’t really want to review his songs right now because he has enough exposure. I did want to re-read his quote on his page though. It reads:


Awesome! Oh and if you’re not familiar with Lil Jon already he plays crunk music that he sort of rap chants. It’s the kind of music you’ll play at a club or house party where everyone wants to get trashed and pretend to be hard-asses.

So I’m going back to Tila Tequila’s page to pick another top friend. I want to see who The James Gang is.

Artist #2The James Gang

Yes! Good find! (Shut It Down) is the song that played first. It’s phat! It has a swing or mambo beat and good lyrics, great delivery and production too. If you like the first 10 seconds you’ll like the song. Their self-description is that they play pop / soul / showtunes. I can see that.

(Huff With Us) is the first track in the listing. Such stylized music. So different than anything else out there. Alternative rock hit the 90’s and now alternative swing is here. I bet these guys dance and stomp during their performances. Something’s missing from the flow in this song but otherwise I’m digging it. I think they’re good but a live show would fully connect me.

(My Strut Is Incredible) is the third song for me. Their genre makes me think of the movie Dick Tracy. The background beat in the chorus is familiar. How do I know it? Did they steal it or write it themselves? I bet this is a big stomp dancing song for them. Stomping is like tap dancing with authority.

(Hooks Deep In Me) is my last taste of their sound. Modernized swing, juke-joint, flapper music. Love it! Oh no! They only posted 1:17 of this one. I want more!!

The James Gang plays The Box in New York City this week. I can’t make the shows but I wish I could. Come to San Francisco fools.

From their top friends I’ll pick “I Think I’m Single?“. Her real name is RileyAnn5. She’s from Detroit and has Gwen Stefani on her page. I wonder if she knows any of my Livonia friends.

Artist #3Gwen Stefani

(4 In The Morning) is the track on RileyAnn5’s page. It’s a solid pop song. I really miss her days of punk/ska music with No Doubt. This pop business feels fake and generic. Of all the songs I’ve heard from her in recent years (4 In The Morning) is one of the better ones.

(The Sweet Escape) is all over the radio, club scene and MTV. You don’t need more exposure for this one. The song is tedious but I love Akon’s background vocals. “Whoo ooh! Yeeee who!”

(Wind It Up) is the third track. There is no fourth. Go figure. Whoa?! This song starts with the yodeling song from The Sound of Music. Gwen’s using synth beats and rap sings over them. A remixed version of the yodeling song are mixed in for flavor. “This beat is for the clubs,” according to the lyrics. I guess so. I don’t think your average white guy could dance to it. Again, go figure.

While I was looking around for the link for my Livonia friends I went through my friend Novak’s page. He’s really the only Livonia friend I still talk to. I wonder who would even remember me if I went back.

Novak has PT’s Revenge on his page. Now that’s a throwback. They were one of the best bands in Detroit a few years ago. Then drama ensued and exposure never came. Screw Lil Jon, Tila Tequila and Gwen Stefani. Walnotes is rooted in my long term goal of helping give awesome bands exposure when they wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Artist #4PT’s Revenge

Novak has (Another Time in Seattle) on his page. The song starts out with kick ass skip beat drumming and some nice guitar work. Then Kevin starts singing his ass off. The lyrics are simple and un-poetic but what do you expect want from a punk song?! “I’ll never fall in love with a girl like you. I’ll never go back to Seattle.”

On PT’s Revenge page the first song is (BMX Plus). I love the speed of the drumming and guitar. The lyric delivery on this song made me think this band was going to blow up huge. Listen to it. How the fuck does Kevin sing so fast and intelligibly? It’s like what they say about how Eminem is good because he can rap with such clarity. You can actually understand what he’s saying.

(What) is next. Nothing like a primal scream to start a song. Then some straight forward, dual vocal punk music about independence from a girl. “I don’t need you in my life.” This song has so much more depth than a typical 3 chord punk song. Listen to the last part of the song and tell me that’s not something you want on your iPod.

(Chasing Lisa) is an old track redone. They originally recorded it with slower verses and a faster chorus. Then they realized it was shit and re-recorded it. Now it’s tight! The guitar solo rocks! The lyrics and delivery are the shit! And if you ever see them live you’ll be moshing like you know you want to!

PT’s Revenge needs a comeback tour. Spread the word to your high school punk friends.

Today’s mySpace music trail started with Tila Tequila. From her top friends I found Lil Jon but he doesn’t need more exposure. So I found another friend of hers called The James Gang. They’re fresh and gritty! Check them out.

From The James Gang I found “I Think I’m Single?”. She had Gwen Stefani playing. Gwen doesn’t need any more exposure either but I wanted to see what she had on her page. There’s nothing you haven’t heard before.

While probing around for information I ended up at my friend Novak’s page. He’s got PT’s Revenge playing. Talk about a band that needs exposure. If mySpace existed back in 1996 I think PT’s Revenge would have taken off. Now all we can hope for is a comeback tour.