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mySpace music trail – Cinematic Orchestra, Angelo Badalamenti, Blonde Redhead

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I’m feeling better this week. I still want my yellow shirt back but we’ll see if that happens. HA! It makes me think of “Give me my money back. Give me my money back. Give me my money back, you bitch. And don’t forget my black t-shirt.” Name the artist.

It also makes me think of the Tour de France. The leader of the 3 week event wears the yellow rider’s jersey. My yellow shirt has less significance but I’d like it back all the same.

As my head is less clouded I’m hoping I can write a better music trail today. I’m going to start on OoooohGabrielle’s page again. She’s the one who turned me on to Patrick Watson and Old Man River. Gotta love this Aussie girl.

Artist #1The Cinematic Orchestra

(To Build A Home) is the song on Gabi’s page. I love this tune. From the opening piano chords to the all-too-soon finish it’s beautiful. The slow start and rising action draw me in as they’re intended. The high voice of the male singer sounds almost falsetto. It also sounds like Patrick Watson. I bet it is. Probably his “other band”. You know how artists do that. They play one style with one band and another style with their “other band”. Think of The White Stripes vs. The Roccanteurs.

[Editor’s Note: I checked and it is Patrick Watson singing on the track. I so fuckin’ rule!]

(Colours) is the second song from The Cinematic Orchestra that I get to enjoy. It’s an instrumental piece so far. I think it’ll keep on keepin’ on. A little piano. A little picked acoustic guitar. Some other instruments I can’t or don’t care to indentify. {Maybe I don’t rule.} This piece is good but doesn’t strike me like (To Build A Home). Well worth a listen though. Different style is all.

(Breathe) is the third track. It’s a soulful mellow piece so far. Let’s see where they take it. The vocals sound a little like a Moby song. The one from the Green Mile soundtrack if I remember correctly. This song is nothing like a Moby song though. It’s almost chilling. Great track if you’re in the mood. Last week I think I would have cried. Hahaha… thank goodness for the fuckit quotient.

{Editor’s Note: The fuckit quotient is something the editor refers to when you’ve reached a point where you’ve done all you can or care to do. At that point you most frequently say “Fuck it” with a casual disregard for what happens next.}

The last song available right now is (Child Song). It has the least plays on their page. I wonder why. Maybe people are expecting more after hearing (To Build A Home). I admit the other songs are in a different category but they’re all good. Maybe mySpace only counts a listen if you listen to the whole track. (Child Song) doesn’t have a whole lot going for it in terms of flavor. A good chunk of the first part of the song is OK but not great. Then it drifts into jazz piano and a snare drum. Decent sure. Exceptional, mind blowing, engrossing? Well not so much.

If you’re interested you can check them out at Bimbo’s 365 club in San Francisco in September. Various vocalists will be performing with them throughout their tour. Cross your fingers for Patrick Watson but check his page first. I think he’s touring Europe at that time. Fat chance he’ll be in this town of ours.

From The Cinematic Orchestra’s top friends I’ll pick no one. I was scrolling through the comments and found someone I wanted to click on. So by random chance Gus Gus makes it into my mySpace music trail.


Gus Gus has (Breathe) by The Cinematic Orchestra on his page. It sounds so good though, especially as I wasn’t expecting to hear it. It’s such a fresh track.

OK. Let’s try this again. From Gus Gus’ top friends I’ll pick Pensieri Dolci.

Drat again! She’s set to private. Probably has to do that to keep stalkers away. What? Who? Me? : )

Round three. I should have done the right thing and stuck to the trail. But nooooo. I had to go where the moment took me.

I’ve picked Ryson from Gus Gus’ top friends. He’s got music playing. Yes! The song has style. Ryson’s photo makes it look like he has style. Things are looking good so far.

Artist #2Angelo Badalamenti

(Go Get Some) is the track. It’s sort of a haunting instrumental piece. Like scratching violin mixed over loops of beats and a guitar. It’s working for me as background music. Play it while you read or study or you’re working in your garage, if you have one.

So this is a little awkward. Ryson has a jukebox on his page so I can’t go directly to the artist page. Let me see if they have one. If they do then I’ll listen to more of their music.

And they do. Or he do. Or he does. It turns out he’s a composer. Looks to be famous too.

(Half Heart) is the first track that comes up on his mySpace page. It’s a classical, ambient piece, completely different from (Go Get Some). I have to admit it makes me feel like I’m in an old folk’s home. The song isn’t doing it for me. Sure, it’s well produced but there’s something lousy about it. I can’t wait for the next track.

The next track is (The Butterfly). This song is much better than (Half Heart). The vocalist is good. The action within the orchestration ebbs and flows enough to keep my interest. Good tune.

(Shelly Quits) is the next track. It opens with a bass line and ambience of a song in an 80’s or 90’s movie. Whoa. The song is rather short. I’m guessing it was a piece used in a movie. You don’t need to have 3 1/2 minutes for non-radio work.

(Holocaust of the Ch…) is the last track. I wonder what Ch… stands for. Thanks mySpace for giving so much space for such an essential element. This instrumental piece sounds like something from maybe The Twilight Zone. It’s really from Evil Enko though. I wonder what that movie is about.

Angelo Badalamenti is known most for his compositions for Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and Mulholland Drive. I guess he’s the shit. Out of context and just listening on mySpace it doesn’t move me quite so much. Although I can see how it would all fit in a movie.

I want to find one more artist to review. From Angelo Badalamenti’s top friends I’ll choose Rebecca.

YES! She’s got Blonde Redhead. First off I can totally relate with my own head of strawberry blonde hair. Secondly I’ve been wanting to hear them.

Artist #3Blonde Redhead

(Spring And By Summer) is the track on Rebecca’s page. Someone has posted a comment on her profile that reads “you have great taste in music.” Well Blackheart Society is right. This song is an upbeat gem. Finally something upbeat today. I couldn’t tell you what any of the lyrics are but it doesn’t matter in the least. The song moves quickly and it’s easy on the ears. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a fluff piece. It rocks out in an easy on the ears kind of way.

(23) is the next track. The female singer has a high voice that works well with the sound. I tend to find “alternative” bands a little bland these days. (23) is solid and frothy though. It foams with goodness. Check it out. You’ll see.

(Silently) is the third and final song available on Blonde Redhead’s page. I’m diggin’ it. There are multiple changes within the song. Beats and textures blend in and out of the vocalists melodic delivery. I feel a little emotion while listening to it. That connection right there is priceless for a band.

I think that’s enough for today. I need to prepare for an interview. I may have to start working again.

In today’s mySpace music trail I started out with OohGabrielle’s page. She has great taste in music and had The Cinematic Orchestra on her page. I had to steal her song again and put in on my profile. That’s like three times now.

From Cinematic Orchestra’s comments section I found Gus Gus. After failing to find new music on his and on one of his top friend’s pages I eventually ended up on Ryson’s page.

Ryson had Angelo Badalamenti playing in his jukebox. Turns out he’s a famous composer. New to me though.

From Angelo Badalamenti’s top friends I ended up listening to Blonde Redhead via Rebecca’s page. Blonde Redhead were the upbeat band of the day. Finally something to rock out too! I missed them at Coachella this year. Doh.

Until next time,