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mySpace music trail – Patrick Watson, Lhasa, Elsiane

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 For those of you who live in San Francisco you should check out The House of Love Cabaret.  It’s held on the first Sunday of every month in the front room of a house.  Some of the best local talent has played at this event.  You can read the slowly growing website to find out more.  It happens tonight, July 1, 2007.  So check it out sooner than later.

Artist #1Patrick Watson

Acoustic guitar driven acid trip music. That’s what I think of when I listen to (The Storm). It’s a mixture of folk and synth music. The filter on the microphone adds so much to the sound. I highly recommend this song if you’re into variations from the mainstream.

(The Great Escape) is next. My friend Gaby told me to check out the video for this song. I did. I fell in love with it. It’s just a beautiful piece of Nick Drake (Pink Room)esque music. The lyrics are sadly uplifting. You can’t dance to it. You can’t clap your hands and rock out to it. But if you’re feeling mellow you can play it on repeat all day.

(Weight of the World) is the third in the list. Oooh. I love how the beat starts in the beginning. The conglomeration of instruments makes me think of a gypsy band. This ain’t no gypsy music though. It’s that filter on the microphone again. That filter has been the signature of Patrick Watson’s sound as I’ve heard so far. With the accordian solo in the middle the whole piece takes you away to dreamland. Not for everyone but I really like (Weight of the World).

(Luscious Life) is the last track on their mySpace page. There are 126 plays of this track today so far. I think there were the same number for the other three songs. That says something about Patrick Watson. Their sound is captivating. I wouldn’t call it haunting or pained but those thoughts come to mind with all of the filtering they use. (Luscious Life) is more like a regular rock song in many regards. At least more so than the other three I listened to today. Still it stands out from the crowd you’d hear on corporate radio.

Patrick Watson is cafe friendly, radio friendly, and drug trip friendly, I’m assuming. I highly recommend checking them out.

From their top friends I’ll choose Brigitte Henry. She doesn’t have any music playing on her page. She does have three music video clips embedded so maybe we could check those out.

Embedded Video #1Patrick Watson (Drifters)

The song starts with fast pattering piano. Like a pitter-pattering rain storm but only the latter part. The video is black and white and feels like Frankenstein. Then it switches to a sailing scene with mock sailors. Very stylized piece of video work. The song itself is delivered with confidence, layered with sounds. The filter on the mic is present again. And the ambience is created with the piano and synthesizers. If you like the beginning you’ll like the rest of this one.

Embedded Video #2Lhasa (Con Toda Palabra)

With Every Word is the translation of the title. This is a beautiful piece of music, sung in Spanish. The video presents a woman walking toward a lake, then onto the lake, then she falls through the water right into the lake entering a dream sequence where she’s swim dancing with some dude. I’m not sure why he’s under the water hanging out but that’s OK. Dreams are better when they don’t explain everything. At the end of the video she’s in a train singing as though she’d been watching the scenery pass and she drifted away. Nice song. Listen to the beginning and if you like it keep going.

Embedded Video #3Elsiane (Vaporous)

This song transcends you to another place if you let it. It’s soft and melodic. Because of the singer’s lisp I thought it may have been in another language at first. Then it grew on me until it became part of the style rather than a hindrance. It’s not my favorite song but I wouldn’t turn it off either.

I think I’m done for today.

I started my mySpace music trail with Patrick Watson. His sound stretches the boundaries of what rock music allows. If you have the time you should watch the 9 minute video from their Iceland trip. The live performance in that video is strangely stunning.

From Patrick Watson’s top friends I chose Brigitte Henry. She didn’t have a song playing but had three embedded music videos instead. So I listened to them. Good stuff. More Patrick Watson, some Lhasa and some Elsiane.

That’s all folks.