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mySpace music trail – Above and Beyond, Andy Moor, David West

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{Note: Go to http://www.islandfestival.com. It’s in two weeks on Whidbey Island, near Seattle. You’re guaranteed to have a good time.}

I haven’t written much poetry in awhile. I wonder if my old stuff is any good. I’m thinking of posting the old ones to a wordpress blog on a daily basis just to see if there’s any feedback. I wanted to do that a long time ago when I was writing but the blog interfaces weren’t up to speed yet. Keep an eye out for a side tab on this blog. Maybe I’ll mix business with pleasure.

I’m starting today’s mySpace music trail with a good dance mix on Lady Light’s page. The track is called (Good For Me Club Mix). The artist is Above and Beyond.

Artist #1Above and Beyond

The first track on their mySpace page is (Oceanic). It’s trance/electronic/club music. The first minute or so is sounding good. The rest of it was just as good. It’s a typical good club song.

The second track is (Good For Me Club Mix). I think this is an Imogen Heap track they’ve mixed into a club song. [Editor’s Note: I tried to find the source of the original song and failed.] I love this track. I think I’m in one of those moods where I appreciate caring words from one person to another. The mix is done well too so you really can’t go wrong with this one.

(Can’t Sleep) is the third track on Above and Beyond’s page. It’s another club mix of a good song. These guys do good work. I don’t know the genre well enough but I’d say the throbbing beat makes this trance music. It reminds me of Goa trance.

I was checking out their page a bit more and I can’t help but notice they have a label called Anjunabeats. It takes me back to my week-long stay in Anjuna (in Goa, India) in December of 2005. Has it really been a year and a half already?!

The first night in Anjuna I walked along the beach trying to find the source of the music that was pulsating through the blackness of the night air. I found it at the end of the beach at a rave. It was exactly as I thought a beach rave should be. I danced a little and spent a good amount of time just sitting in the sand enjoying the ambience. I’ve been told that I live my life high and on that night drugs would have only taken me higher.

The last track on Above and Beyond’s mySpace page right now is (Air For Life). It’s another trance track. There’s a solid mix of beats, ambient sounds, kick ass vocals and timing. Add it to your playlist to listen when you go for a run. Or pop your head back and dance your ass off!

I tend to get bored of repetitive beats, guitar solos, and generic rock music. Above and Beyond has been a great escape from that lull. It makes me want to go to Ruby Skye and pretend I fit in. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. Something about $10 drinks and the meat market I can’t and don’t care to compete in.

From Above and Beyond’s top friend’s I’ll choose Andy Moor.

Artist #2Andy Moor

The first track that comes up is (Andy Moor vs. Orkide). It’s good and consistent with the club electronica genre. I didn’t find it evocative in any way but if you’re at a dance club you would expect to have something like this in the mix all night long.

The second track I’m attempting to listen to is (Daydream). It’s not playing for some reason. I’ll have to come back.

The next track is (Delerium Angelicus …). Good ol’ fashioned trance music. I love the angelic singing. It really adds to the experience for me. Dance beats alone don’t cut it. I have to have some vocals now and again or it all blends together.

The last track is a familiar tune. Andy Moor vs. Above and Beyond for a remix of (Air For Life). I like what Andy added to the mix. It’s another layer of symphonic sounds and beats that you can live without, but if you’ve got them why not enjoy them. Not to mention that they speed the song up a bit. I dig it.

I think I want more. From Andy Moor’s top friends I’ll choose David West and see what happens.

Artist #3David West

The first track starts out with some 606 if I’ve got my synths memorized correctly. My old roommate Jon had all of them so I don’t remember which one makes which sound. The track is (Welsh Morphology). It progresses into a solid trance/club track. The beat is good. The pace is steady. The vocals are mixed in well. And the timing is as it should be.

(Searching For Subst…) is next. I’m guessing mySpace shortened the name from (Searching For Substance). The track is mid-tempo electronica. I like the flute usage. It’s working for me. At a club this would be a good break between up-tempo tracks. It keeps the party going without overwhelming the kiddies.

(True Love) is the third track. It’s up-tempo and progressive. I would try to dance to this one. I’ll post a video of me dancing someday so you have an idea of how silly I look everyone looks dancing. Good thing it’s about how you feel rather than look.

The last track on David West’s page is (Make U Mine Original). It’s a remix of a dance track. Many layers of synths and effects over the top of a beat-laden bit of music and male vocals. The track is only a minute and a half long though. Must be a teaser.

I think I’ve had enough for the day.

For today’s mySpace music trail I started out on Lady Light’s page. She had (Good For Me Club Mix) by Above and Beyond playing. Great track!

Above and Beyond was Artist #1. They know how to work it. I guess they were just out here in SF in June so there’s little chance of catching them again soon I suppose.

From Above and Beyond’s top friends I found Andy Moor. He’s a solid trance DJ. Add him to your mix.

From Andy Moor’s top friend’s I chose David West. He’s good too. I don’t know if he stands out at all but he could keep the folks on the dance floor feeling good.