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mySpace music trail – Jelly Donut, Lady Sov, Jamie DeWolf

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I’ve been trying to find someone in my top friends with music playing on their page. So far I found Lizzie with Christina Aguilara’s Dirrrrty video. And I found Mo’s page with a video of Britney Spears having a conversation while high, or drunk, or I sure hope she’s on something because she sounds like an idiot.

Moving on now I need to find some music to review.

Artist #1MC Jelly Donut

Check out Jelly Donut. This is one hilarious pastry. Everyone needs a gimmick, right? Fresh Prince had his bit about thinking he could beat Mike Tyson. Ozzie Osbourne ate off a bird’s head during a concert. MC Jelly Donut wears a donut costume while freestyle rapping. Check out the rap battle where he kicks some Oakland booty.

Adding to the whole charade is a real beef with Lady Sovereign. Lady Sov won’t even perform in the Bay Area anymore because she’s afraid of the Donut taunting her from the crowd again.

Good times! Bring it Lady Sov. Jelly Donut’s ready for a second date.

Man, this mySpace music trail is as random as Lady Sovereign’s song of the same name.

“Artist #2”Lady Sovereign

The song on the date with Zach Slow and Jelly Donut is (Random). It’s a song that helped her make a name for herself. I think it’s alright but very kitchy. There are lots of effects and loops. And she sings with an accent I wouldn’t call British. My guess is she’ll sparkle and fade.

From Jelly Donut’s top friends I picked Jamie DeWolf. I’ve seen him perform at a poetry slam in Berkeley once. He was the best performer there, hands down!

Artist #3Jamie DeWolf

(Bumpin’ Uglies Live) is first. POWERFUL PERFORMANCE! Jamie doesn’t just tell jokes. He gets on the mic and controls the situation. In this bit he’s rationalizing with his girlfriend as to why she’s not fat. Of course that’s an impossible task and his absurd rationale makes it so much funnier. “I could get a hard-on watching you clean your ears with a Q-tip.”

(Talk Hard Live) is the second bit. It’s another live performance. I love the crowd cheering at the Starry Plough. It adds so much to Jamie’s aggressive style. “Breeder’s represent!” “Write how you fuck cause some of us like it raw … and some of us don’t make love all of the time.”

(Burnin’ Dough with Jelly Donut) is the third track on Jamie’s page. It’s a rap featuring Jelly D. I have to take you back to the earlier reference to DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. It’s raw and old school. Dirty rhymes and simple beats. This is the kind of music that never makes the radio, doesn’t work at a club, could never fit in a cafe, but makes your day if you get the chance to hear it. Something different to make you feel alive again.

(Rebels Without Applause) is the last track. I wish mySpace would give titles more room. This is another live comedy bit. It’s a bit deeper than the other tracks. Jamie’s talking about his experiences teaching poetry to troubled kids. SOLID! Kids deserve someone like Jamie who can inspire and influence them.

I think I’m done for today.

I started the mySpace music trail with a video clip of Britney Spears “high”. Then moved on to find Jelly Donut kicking cream in a freestyle rap battle. From this I ended up reviewing one of Lady Sovereign’s songs.

In Jelly Donut’s top friends I found Jamie DeWolf. I saw him perform at the Starry Plough in Berkeley once. That night I thought it was Jamie Kennedy. I was wrong. But Jamie DeWolf is funnier anyway.  You can check him out at Tourette’s Without Regret’s in Oakland.