mySpace music trail – Jolie Holland, The Be Good Tanyas

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I’ve been in a lull this week. I love the euphoria of being with someone. Then I give too much and overwhelm them. Sooner or later they step back and ask me to move on. All the while I think I can offer a new approach if they’ll let me. But at that point it’s already too late. I hate the fall that follows the euphoria. SUCKS!

I used to write a lot. I wrote this years ago. And this too.

And on a separate note, I found a joke in the comments section of Obo Martin’s page.

“¿What did silence say to the ocean? …..

Artist #1Jolie Holland

The first song is (Springtime Can Kill You). If you like the quivering voice of a classic jazz/folk singer then you’ll want to give this song a chance. It’s chill so be prepared to kick it for a few minutes. This song is completely cafe friendly.

(Crazy Dreams) is the next song. The tempo is slow, really slow. I could picture hearing this song in the background during a movie scene. Most likely while scenes of the main character going through the motions of deliberating a decision pass by. The song is good. I’m not in the mood for something so slow right now though.

The third song is (Old Fashioned Morphine). I like this song a lot. I even added it to my own mySpace profile. It has the bounce I like in a song. The simple guitar, snare drum and clarinet matched with a little muted trumpet are music to my ears. Not to mention the smooth delivery of Ms. Jolie Holland. It’s funny how I can like dance music, punk/ska, and simple alternative jazz/folk like this too. Such contrasts in style but it’s all good if the artists strike me.

The last song available is (Black Hand Blues). It’s a blues tune with the classic delivery Jolie brings to the table. It works for me. Simple and listenable. It’s the kind of song you want to share with someone when you find it. If I had a glass of lemonade and I was sitting on a wooden rocking chair on my front porch then I’d surely want this to be playing from inside the house.

Two thumbs up for Jolie Holland. I love the tunes. From her top friends I’ll choose The Be Good Tanyas. I’ve known the name for years but I’ve never listened to them. Obo Martin has a fun song referencing them also.

Artist #2The Be Good Tanyas

The first song that came up is (Song For R). It’s a mid-tempo song about caring for someone, from what I gather. I’m not the best at keeping track of song lyrics. The sounds are piano driven, soft and sweet. There’s a slow mandolin in the background. It would be good to point out that this is a sad song. I like it but it kinda brings me down right now.

(Human Thing) is next for me. It starts out with acoustic guitar and a harmonica setting the tone. I like this folksy tune. This Canadian trio have a sound that captures a little of Janis Joplin, without all of the drug induced haze. If I hadn’t just added a Jolie Holland song to my profile I would surely add this song. Maybe I’ll come back and change it later today.

The third song is (Momsong). Driven by meaningful lyrics, a slowly strummed acoustic guitar rhythm, and a plucked mandolin, this folk tune feels good to me. The vocals are powerful and beautiful. Take a minute to savor this one.

The last song is (The Littlest Birds). Starting out with a harmony to die for this tune captures the essence of music in all of it’s soul touching beauty. If every song was like this the world would live in peace. OK maybe that’s not even close to accurate. But imagine if you had a song like this in every musical genre. Something you could sit back and smile to because you’ve been touched.

I think I’m going to stop my mySpace music trail here for today. I tried to listen to The Boneless Children Foundation earlier but only two songs would play so that will have to wait for another day. I also listened to a little Carvell Wallace. The song (Help Me) shows his command of the stage. Check him out before I include him in my Walnotes in full.

I started my mySpace music trail with Jolie Holland today. She’s got a sound to relax to. The quiver in her voice adds a texture to the songs that she couldn’t capture in any other way.

From Jolie’s top friends I chose The Be Good Tanyas. They’re really good. I’d been meaning to listen to them for years. Finally I did. It’s about time.

  1. Jolie was a founder member of the be good tanyas
    and named the band after the obe song of the same name (singular) checkout the great man
    Chris @ http://www.myspace.com/theamericanopry

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