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mySpace music trail-The Crazies Will Destroy You

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I’ve stepped away from the mySpace music trails for a few weeks. Here’s why:

I went to Vermont and Boston for over a week. Then I came back and immediately went back to school. I’m in five computer science courses now, trying to leverage my accounting background, my web development background, and my interest in making the world a better place by making office environments more efficient. The moral of the story is I took time off from writing my Walnotes music reviews. Traffic didn’t stop coming to the site though so I guess I’m doing alright.

Now, the reason for this specific Walnotes is because a friend’s band is playing on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at Annie’s Social Club. The venue is located at 5th and Folsom in San Francisco. I think they’re penciled in to go on at 10:30pm. The show starts at 9pm so go see some live music.

It took me awhile to get hooked on The Crazies. I saw them play in early August and they sounded good. Then I spent a day editing the video I made of their show. Throughout the editing I grew to like them more and more.

Artist #1The Crazies Will Destroy You

The first song that came up was (A Song For The Girl). This song makes me think of The Pixies. It might be the bass lines. Or maybe it’s the twist in the lead singer’s voice. The delivery is working for me. I have to admit that this song got past me the first many times I heard it. This time I’m noticing the guitar work, solos and rhythm, are actually interesting. Sometimes I find even Santana’s guitar solos lose my interest. Not so here. Give it a listen.

(Harold Ray) is the second song I listened to.  It reminds me of something the Ramones might sing.  No, that’s not it.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Something straight out of the late 80’s punk scene possibly?  Help me out here.  I like how it’s in your face.  Then they jam out and get louder and louder and more wall-of-sound on your ass.  Did I mention that the chorus has been stuck in my head for at least a week?

OK.  At the end of (Harold Ray) there’s one funny voicemail.  Dirty.  Very dirty.  LOVE IT!

(Sex Friend) is the third song for me.  It starts out sounding like a generic rock song.  Not my favorite style, I have to admit.  It sounds good.  And the lyrics are humorous.  It’s even got great backup vocals.  Just not my style.  One thing that I do like about is the enthusiasm with which the singer sings it live.  That actually matters to me more than the song, believe it or not.  When he sings this song he has so much passion behind it that it’s hard not to sing along or at least stand up and take notice.  Kudos for that.

The last song is actually the first song on their playlist.  I saved (Rabbitdog Lizardsnake) for last because it’s their big hit.  It has all of the elements of a hit song.  Enthusiasm is one of the many high points of hearing this song live.  The melody is ear catching.  The lyrics are worthwhile.  The rising action heading into the chorus draws me in.  I LOVE it when a song changes tempo and shows rising action.  The drum work is noteworthy on this track too.  All the way around this song is working for me.  Check it out for yourself.

OK, I’m not doing a real trail tonight.  I have class in 7 1/2 hours.  that means 6 1/2 of them are going to be devoted to some sort of eyes closed, sleep-like action.