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mySpace music trail – Lil’ Red, Heather Lauren, Iron and Wine

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I went to see my friend’s band last night. The Crazies Will Destroy You played a solid show at Ireland’s 32. They play again August 29th.

As I start my mySpace music trail today I was trying to find my other friend Heather Lauren’s mySpace page. I guessed wrong and went to Lil’ Red’s page instead. http://www.myspace.com/heatherlaurensong vs. http://www.myspace.com/heathersings. So now I have a dilemma. Do I start my Walnotes review with Heather or Lil’ Red? I guess I’ll start with Lil’ Red.

Artist #1Lil’ Red

(Hollywood) is the first song. It’s a ballad giving fair warning of the woes of pursuing a career in Hollywood. The song is actually quite decent. It sounds good, and the lyrics are meaningful, although bordering on cliche. “They never told you” about the challenges of making it in Hollywood? Come on now. Who are you kidding? Everyone knows that the town is filled with wannabee stars with big dreams and plenty of gumption to try to compete for a place in The Walk of Fame. Good luck to ya!

(Honeybee) is the second track. It’s a raucous little number. I like it. Potent and a change of style from the standard delivery of (Hollywood). There’s a bit too much rhyming, but whatever. The singer rocks out and sounds good doing it. The instrument solos are quick and to the point. The whole thing works for me.

(Harmony) is third on the list. The tone is set right off the bat. It’s a mid-paced song about longing, or love, for a boy. “You give me butterflies inside. And all I want to do is get next to you…” I have to admit that this could be another cliche song from Miss Lil’ Red but it’s not. She was able to escape the trap and write a soft love song. I feel relaxed listening to it.

(So Blue) starts off a capella. I love a capella music. There’s a rawness about it that puts the emphasis on the words and delivery. Oh wow. The whole song is a capella. It’s a short one too. Great choice for your mySpace presence Lil’ Red! You’ve got a ballad, a rockin’ out song, a love song set to looped beats, and an a capella tune. Something tells me you’re really trying to show the record producer’s you’re multi-talented. Remember to sing and make music for you. You can sell yourself but don’t sell yourself out.

Artist #2Heather Lauren

(Sense of Me) is the first song. It’s a beautiful song about self identity and purpose. “I’m lost and everything seems like a sign. I might be crazy. I know that I’m blind.” This is an award winning Heather Lauren original. It’s one of those songs you’d hear in the background of a romantic comedy when the female lead is trying figure out what she’s doing with her life. Good stuff!

(Out of the Child) is the second song. It’s a piano driven piece. “There’s something unbridled and tameless that compels me on.” I love it when Heather puts her pen to the paper. The chorus on this song is moving. I even like the minimalist piano work. I’m a sucker for minimalism with potency though. Fo the lyric delivery and the mood set with the piano I really like this song. Heather, this is another song I’d expect to hear in a film or TV show someday.

(Jezebel) is the third track. This is a song by Iron and Wine. I sure hope Iron and Wine is in Heather’s top friends. I would love to listen to his mySpace page next. Now, back to the covered version. It’s top notch, a jazzy interpretation with an upbeat air to a sullen song. The harmony in this piece is beautiful.

Unfortunately Heather Lauren only has three songs on her page. You can check her live performance out at www.youtube.com/walnotes. I had the opportunity to video record her CD release party.

From Heather Lauren’s top friends I’ll choose YES!!!!! She does have Iron and Wine in there. His music is unreal!

Artist #3Iron and Wine

(Boy With A Coin) is the first track. How do I describe this? Modern folk rock is the genre but it’s so much more than that. Mr. Sam Beam has a singing style and voice that could instigate world peace. Not too mellow, not too harsh. He hits the sweet spot right in the middle. And the multi-layered instrumentation adds so much texture your berber rug feels ashamed.

(Naked As We Came) is the second song. This is one of his more famous songs. It’s a soft, beautiful, mid-paced acoustic guitar driven tune. I would love to go camping and invite Iron and Wine to my campfire.

(Jezebel) is the third song. Ooooooh! I don’t think I’ve ever had this in my mySpace music trail before, a cover and an original in the same Walnotes. The song itself is righteous in it’s own right. Iron and Wine delivers it with a breathy, subdued, folk style. I love how the guitar (or banjo) rhythm makes me bob my head as if I’m agreeing with every word he sings. Amen!

(Sodom South Georgia) is the last track available right now. I’m pretty sure it’s a banjo driving this one. The breathy style is back too. I consider it Iron and Wine’s signature. Instantly you recognize it when you hear it. This song is soft and beautiful. I really want to write something about the meaning of the lyrics but nothing’s coming to me. It’s about death and rebirth, but it feels to me more like it’s about remembering someone who died happy. “Papa died smiling wide as the ring of a bell.”

I think that’s it for today. Three artists is enough.

Today I started my mySpace music trail with two Heathers. Both of them live in LA and are pursuing music careers. I think they should meet up and play a show together.

Lil’ Red was first. Her mySpace page showcases her broad range of styles. I really liked the a capella tune.

Heather Lauren was next. I actually included her a couple weeks ago but it wasn’t a real Walnotes review so I was compelled to plug her again. She sings music that you will someday hear in the background of films and TV shows.

From Heather Lauren’s top friends I found Iron and Wine. I knew his music before and really wanted to listen to it. His style, voice and delivery strike me the right way.

Until next time…be well.