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mySpace music trail – Madelia, Tremble Low

In madelia, music trail, tremble low on August 6, 2007 at 1:48 pm

I’ve been interested in doing video work for awhile. My first attempt at recording a live show was for the band Madelia. My friend Trevor is in the band so I had an “in”. The lighting was really low and I didn’t get the best recording. It’s available on my YouTube channel still if you want to see it.

The video didn’t work out so well but I got better with experience and now I’m selling my services to anyone who wants their band recorded, edited and saved for them. Contact me if you’re interested.

Artist #1Madelia

(Wither) is the first song. The sound is tight on this track. It reminds me of The Cure mixed with early 90’s grunge. Not such a band combination. The drum work totally hits the mark. The rockin’ out instrumental jams are on point. And the production value shows there was serious thought put into it. Not a bad piano outro either.

(Cherry) is the next track I listened to. This is actually the first song I heard from Madelia when I first discovered them. They were competing in some radio contest here in San Francisco. If they got the most plays they’d win something. I don’t think they won. They should have. This song carries similar professionalism and sound quality as in (Wither). I love the singer’s delivery. It’s catchy. It’s atypical. It’s a strong argument for airplay. And damn those drums are working hard!

The third song is (Chords). It starts off quieter but you can tell there’s going to be more coming. Bryan is the lead singer. I don’t know if he’s trying to do it be I swear he sounds like Robert Smith of The Cure. I’m not sure what to say about (Chords) except that it’s another quality tune. Absolutely you should check it out.

The last track, (Departures), starts out with that rock anthem style intro. It doesn’t get fast and powerful though. Stylized, yes, but not overly powerful. I really like the mixed intensities and multi-textured flow Madelia brings to the table. I don’t feel like I’m just listening to another rock band. I feel like I’m listening to fine art. If you dig the style this is a good example of how high you should shoot in band practice. Rock on Madelia!

To keep this mySpace music trail moving I’ll pick Tremble Low from Madelia’s top friends. Awesome, they’ve got great colors on their page. And their description says “Minimalist, Melodramatic Popular Song”. How can you go wrong?

Artist #2Tremble Low

(Bindle Stiff) is the first song. I love bass driven songs. The Pixies knew how to do it and it seems like Tremble Low does too. This song starts out as a slow rambler then mildly shifts into a passionate outburst. The production quality is really good. I can dig it.

YES! (Wish Me Well) is another bass driven song. I’m liking this band. The tempo is mid-paced to start. I wonder if it’ll stay that way. There’s a melodic shift a minute into it. Good stuff. I like that you can hear the enunciations of the singer. I’m still awful at transcribing lyrics but for those who aren’t he makes it easier for you to pick them out.

(Searchlight) is the third song. This song is less bass heavy. Still there but not quite as strong. I like the guitar strums. It gives it that feel you don’t get from stead rhythm guitar. The effect is cool too. I would put this song into the cafe friendly category. I’d love to hear it while playing computer at a cafe with a mocha on my table. The mood resonates and lingers with you too.

The last track is (Shock). It starts out sounding more like a typical rock song. Drum driven, guitar rhythmed, “heavy mellow” sound. The song keeps going with the same sound throughout. It’s tight but I prefer the first three songs. Style preference is all. They sound good doing what they do.

I think I’m done for the day. I need to get off my ass and do something. I’ve been editing The Crazies Will Destroy You’s live video footage all morning while writing my Walnotes.

I started today’s mySpace music trail with Madelia. They’re a band my friend is in. Check them out if you haven’t already. They sound really good on their mySpace page.

From Madelia’s top friends I found Tremble Low. They’re self-described as “heavy mellow”. The name fits. They don’t overpower you with their heavy sound. Nor do they put you to sleep with their mellow sound. But they mix them well.

I’m out.