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I had the good fortune of attending a performance at The House of Love Cabaret by a duo known by their first names, Mia and Jonah. This happened maybe two or three years ago. It was one of those experiences that stuck with me though.

I signed their mailing list that night and finally had a chance to see them play a full set at Cafe du Nord last year. They were just as brilliant and touching as when I saw them the first time. I met them that night before the show and felt their warmth despite them not knowing who I was.

Recently I decided to see Mia and Jonah play a cafe show in Oakland. It was a tough decision as the Bay Bridge was going to close for the long weekend while I was at the show. As I sat there listening to Mia sing the lines “Stay. Stay. Just stay.” I knew I was in the only place I wanted to be that night. Not only because of the aptly timed lyrics (She was singing them at 7:45pm, my last chance to leave to catch the bridge before it closed.) but because there music soothes me. It’s calming and warm, like the aural personification of that feeling you get when you walk into your grandparents house.

Since this show a week or so ago I’ve been meaning to include Mia and Jonah in my Walnotes. They even gave me their two cd’s so I could listen and review them. I’ve done the first part really well. So far I’ve failed on the second part.

I have to say that the new cd, Rooms for Adelaide, is the best cd I’ve listened to in awhile. I’ll have to write a full review later because so many songs off of it have been lingering in my subconscious for the past week. The song called (Rooms) for example. It is easily a hit. The first track (3 Stories High) is high energy and easy on the ears. It’s radio friendly. It’s well produced. And man does it get the cd off to the right foot.

Today I want to point you to their mySpace page so you can check them out for yourself.

Mia and Jonah

(Coalminer) is the first song. The duo says they sing Americana/Folk/Rock. That they do. This song is a beautiful, sad tune that Jonah takes the lead on while Mia harmonizes like no other. It reminds me of something Honeymoon Tree might sing.

(Bird on the Wind) is the next song on their page. Mia takes the lead on this one. It’s an acoustic tune with Jonah harmonizing this time. It makes me think of James Taylor songs for some reason. Knowing me it’s probably the feeling I get while listening to JT (not Justin Timberlake) and Mia and Jonah. “Sometimes love flies, like a bird on the wind. Let it in. Any day the rain could come down and bring a change around.”

I’ve told Mia and Jonah that they remind me of the powerful duo of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan. The way that they can both take lead vocals, even in the same song. And the way that both duos make me feel. One big difference is that Damien has a chip on his shoulder from women screwing him over. Mia and Jonah give the heir of being warm and loving. It’s as if Damien wishes he could be like them.

(Sunset in Your Soul) is the third song on their page. “You with whom I feel this love. Wrap yourself around me and fill me up.” Jonah opens this song over acoustic guitar. Then Mia and a snare drum come in softly. The rising action leads to the dreamy chorus. I say dreamy but I mean tender. It’s something that I found more on their first album than their second. (Sunset in Your Soul) comes from the first album, Shine I. As the song continues on it gets faster and more aggressive before coming right back to a softer landing as the chorus repeats to the end.

(SF Rain) is the fourth and final song on their mySpace page. It starts out a capella with Mia taking the lead. WOW! Mia can sing! I know music but I don’t know it well enough to know who to compare her too. She’s got that Ani DiFranco curl in her voice. Not to mention a bit of her sass too. It sounds like there’s a banjo plucking in the background of this one. The arrangement is perfect for creating a memorable mood. I love this song!

As much as I hate to do it I need to stop my music trail with just Mia and Jonah today. I have a job interview with SF Weekly today, and a quiz in my UNIX class tonight.

I will do my best to do a full Walnotes review of their second album, Rooms for Adelaide, as soon as I can. I swear to you that it deserves heavy rotation on your iPod or cd carrousel.


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