B.A.E.R. Rescue

In bear rescue, hwy 40, lake tahoe bear rescue, music trail, tuna bear on September 18, 2007 at 1:15 am

P1000851.JPG, originally uploaded by j grant gray.

I was bouldering near Donner Lake over the weekend. We helped rescue this bear who had gotten itself stuck under the bridge. Poor guy had jumped over to escape two oncoming cars. Somehow he ended up where he is in this picture and he couldn’t get himself down. It’s about 80 feet to the ground below.

The Bay Area Emergency Rescue (B.A.E.R.) rock climbing group was at Rainbow Bridge on Old Hwy 40 on September 16th. As we were about to start bouldering we saw a bear trapped on the bridge support structure.

We offered our services and eventually were able to help lower the 250 pound bear we now call "Tuna Bear" to the ground on the orange tuna net.

The route he free soloed is now being called "Tuna’s Overhang". An initial rating of v.20+ has been given to the buildering problem.

B.A.E.R. photographer

p.s. More photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnyrotterdam/collections/72157602188599692/

  1. Cute bear! I’m so glad you rescued him!

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