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Weekend Shows – Nov 2-4, 2007

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I don’t know about you but this blog updating business is more difficult when you have a job. And I finally had a job recently. So “no updates for you”.

I do want to let you know about a couple of upcoming shows though.

This weekend an improv group called Revolving Madness will be performing in San Francisco twice. They’re performing The Darkroom on Friday and Saturday, November 2nd and 3rd. I’ve never seen them perform but I know one of the members so I thought I’d plug them. Take a risk. Check them out.

Another upcoming show is Mia and Jonah. Oh wait, that was last week at The Hotel Utah. Oh wait again, that’s next week at Virgin Megastore at 5:30pm on November 9th in SF. In case you’re wondering, YES you’ll have a good time checking them out. They are sliced bread. That means they’re really freakin’ good!

On Friday, November 2nd you’ll have a chance to check out Ingrid Michaelson…twice. She’s the girl from the Old Navy sweater commercial. She’ll be playing for free at Borders at Union Square at Noon. Then she’ll be opening for Matt Nathanson with her band at 9pm that night. That show will be at The Fillmore for $20. Go Ingrid!

Oh, there’s also an art opening at a cafe that you should check out. It’s down in San Mateo at Bacio Cafe at 4pm. The artist is Paris Raupach. His work is exceptional! Expose yourself to him and he won’t disappoint you.

What else is new? I was surfing mySpace and found some more music for you.

In Mia and Jonah’s top friends I found Seth Ford Young. His profile picture made me happy.

Artist #1 – Seth Ford Young Seth Ford Young

The first song on his mySpace page is (St. James Infirmary). Imagine being in an era where you can listen to classic musicians in their prime. Seth will be one of those classics you’ll wish you had a chance to see before they were famous. And he’ll be one of those artists you won’t see when he is famous because “it’s just not the same anymore. I miss it when he played local shows at small venues.” You KNOW what I’m talking about.

He’s playing in Pleasant Hill on November 9th and San Francisco later in the month. Do yourself a favor and test him out.

The second song is (Skylark), with Mike Irwin. This is a slower jazz song with a soft croon. Imagine yourself listening to great jazz as you’re sitting in an upscale hotel lobby. It’s either Heather Lauren or Seth Ford Young that you’ll be listening to. Great tune.

The third, and last, song on his mySpace page is (Speak). It’s the edited version. It starts out as instrumental, experimental jazz. The muted trumpet drives this car straight into the scene of the crimes. And the criminal ain’t gettin’ away. Man this number jumps at ya. Strap your motorcycle safety belt on tight and hold on to the sissy bar. The song doesn’t drive with fast paced intensity but if you know jazz you’ll realize how powerful this piece is….until it cuts off. I guess that’s why it’s the edited version. Go check him out live to hear the unedited version is how it works I suppose.

: )

OK, that’s it for today.
Have fun.
Be well.