“Draft Response”

In music trail on October 3, 2007 at 3:36 pm

Instead of reviewing other people’s music today I have decided to post something I wrote myself.  I wrote it on February 6, 2005.


“Draft Response”
Words: Walter Koning

This is what I’ll say when they call me for the draft.

George Bush I didn’t vote for you
I don’t agree with you
I don’t believe in you
Or what you’re trying to do

You want me to fight
I’ll fight
I’ll fight against you
And everything you do

There’s no way I’ll put my life on the line
To fight your war for you
I don’t see democracy here
And now those Iraqi’s
Live their lives in fear

Bombs fall from the sky
Civilians die
Some Iraqi’s throw down their arms and try
To help the U.S. cause
We bomb them too
If the needs arise

They are
Casualties of war
Your war
What the hell did you start it for
Was it WMD’s
Was it al-Jazeera TV
Or is this just a leftover from your daddy’s greed

That’s right it’s time to call you out
I see the oil in your bank account
Money from this war
Money from our government
Money from taxes
From me and him and her and him
Lining your pockets
I see your hands holding it in
Holding it down
It’s time to pull them out
Get the oil off
It’s time to come clean

George Bush I didn’t vote for you
I don’t agree with you
I don’t believe in you
Or what you’re trying to do

What’s your exit strategy
Every business plan has one
In this war there is none
And I’m skeptical

Democracy may not work for former Persia
There’s too much oil involved
Oil and money
Oil and power
Those in power never want to let it go
Those in power never want to let it go
Those in power never want to let it go

You want me to fight
This battle that can’t be won
Do you really want a gun
In the hands of a man like me
Bush I’m your enemy
I tried to vote you out
But it didn’t work
I tried to march in peace
For peace
In the Middle East
And it didn’t work

I’m starting to feel like a man
Ready to choose the last resort
Imagine a group even more frustrated than me
Like the society
Thrown out of power
Now called the insurgency
You’re dealing with a country
Full of ethnic division
For years Saddam made their decisions
Some of them wrong
You even despised all the killing

He gassed his own people
He fought with his neighbors
He kept his country in fear

So we imposed U.N. sanctions
Oppressed unknown faces
Sent in U.N. inspectors
Then didn’t believe them

Was this your plan all along
To bomb them to pieces
To reap the rewards
Take control of the country
And steal all the oil

You thought they would welcome us
With open arms
“Help us! We’re being oppressed by our leader?”
Are you kidding
There is so much hatred for your family tree
And their capitalist greed
Maybe if you listened to half of your own country
You’d make better policies
Lead the world toward peace
And make this place really free

Along the way you should legalize weed


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