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mySpace music trail – Megan Keely, Sasha Dobson

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I’m writing a very necessary mySpace music trail. I got a message over the interweb that says I need to send $500 to cover shipping expenses so that I can recover the $5,000,000 that was left for me in a bank in Africa. I’m writing this edition of Walnotes to collect that $500 to cover those expenses…and stuff.

Artist #1 – Megan Keely

megan keely

(Arastradero Road) is the first song on Megan’s profile. It’s one of those beautiful songs that you don’t come across often enough. Maybe that’s the beauty in it, it’s uniqueness. Or maybe it’s Megan’s voice and texture. (Arastradero Road) draws you in and walks you through the leaves up the country road together. This subtle tune will be a great stocking stuffer for years to come.

The next song that came up was a cover of (I Shall Be Released). The song has Megan’s distinct voice and styling which carries it, in my opinion. I have to say I prefer the first song. That being said I still like the cover. It just feels good, like a pair of slippers in the winter-time.

(Take Me Home) is the third song that played. I’m not sure if I should call this a folk song or maybe something more jazzy. It’s well written. Admittedly I rarely listen to lyrics but Megan has her way with this one. They draw you in and tell a story of a moment or two in her life. I recommend checking this one out.

The last song on Megan’s page is (I Met You). It’s a very folky song that any traveller in their twenties could relate to. “I met you on a crowded bus. I met you over some 3 a.m. chai…When I met you is when I met myself.” This song takes me back to my days bicycling 2000 miles up and down America, Britain and Australia. Going from hostel to hostel meeting new people and wondering where I’d be in 3 months or a year. Megan’s singing style is smooth and comfortable, all the while packed with relatable emotion. What an incredible talent! Check it out if you’re into quality folky/jazzy/cafe-friendly music.

From Megan’s top friends I decided to choose Sasha Dobson. To my surprise and good fortune I found someone who could be Sade and Bebel Gilberto’s adopted daughter.

Artist #2 – Sasha Dobson

sasha dobson

(Without You) is the first song and it’s a duesy. Wow! This is the track that sounds like Sade to a bossanova tune. I’m floored. What a wonderful discovery for me.

(Four Leaf Clover) is next. It’s an upbeat song of heartbreak, if I’m hearing the lyrics correctly. The song feels good. It’s well produced and mixes jazz and latin stylings really well. I have to say that I don’t think I’ve heard music like this before. Or maybe not in a long time. No memories are coming to mind. Interesting, in a good way.

The third track is (Crescent). It’s a folky number. I like it a lot. Something about it reminds me of classic folk songs. All the while it sounds modern. Good work Ms. Dobson. I can dig it.

The last track is the title track from her latest release, (Modern Romance). There’s a pace-setting guitar picking performing the bass line for the duration of the song. It gets hidden for a bit but you can tell it was meant to be heard. The singing is beautiful. I have to say it’s a little monotonous though. I think I got stuck on the guitar and forgot to listen to the rest of it.  With that I decided to listen again.  It’s a good song.  I think it would be more enjoyable live.  I also think the guitar is the culprit.  I prefer the bass playing that role.  Oh well.

OK.  I think that’ll be it for tonight.  I recommend checking out both Megan and Sasha.  They sound nothing alike.  If you’re looking for punk, punk/rock, country, rockabilly, hillbilly, piano standards, or saxophones you won’t find them here.  If you’re into folk or jazz/latin/bossanova you’re in the right place.