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mySpace music trail – Tiger Army, AFI

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It’s Christmas in San Francisco and I haven’t left the house yet. I spent yesterday learning how to use the picture-in-picture feature of Final Cut Pro.I came up with a couple short “test” clips and then used my new skills on a longer video. The longer one uses the song (Rooms) from Mia and Jonah’s new release “Rooms for Adelaide”. Here’s the video:It’s been awhile since I last posted a mySpace music trail. Motivation has been an issue. I love writing the reviews. And I love hearing the music from artists I haven’t heard before. What I’m missing is the motivation to write the reviews more often.Oh well. I’m here now. Let’s do this!I’ll start on Eveleric’s page. His myspace name is Special Needs Eric at the time of writing this.Artist #1 – Tiger Armytiger armyThe song on Eveleric’s page is (Santa Carla Twilight). If I didn’t know better I would think that Chris de Burgh jumped in the studio with a punk-lite band for a little ditty. It’s the same voice, I swear. (Santa Carla Twilight) is easy on the ears for a punk? song. The drums are playing punk. The guitars are in the background too much for punk though. Really it’s a strange song, albeit good.I left Eveleric’s page and went directly to Tiger Army’s page.The first song on their page is (Afterworld). This one is a bit more punk. It’s still soft because the lead singer’s voice is melodic. I like it. Generally I gripe about punk being too monotonous. This sounds more like Unwritten Law than anyone else I can think of. I like Unwritten Law so they’re in good company.The second song is (Forever Fades Away). Ooh, this one is slower. Put Chris de Burgh in front of the band of Unwritten Law and you’ll have this song. It’s produced well but kind of boring. Maybe I’m looking for a hook that’ll never come.Song three is (Ghostfire). It sounds almost rockabilly. Oh wait, maybe that’s what psychobilly sounds like. The band describes themselves as psychobilly/punk/alternative. I actually like this song better than the others. The lyrics may mean something but I could care less what they’re saying. It just sounds good.The fourth song is (Rose of the Devil’s Garden). I see that mySpace has updated their interface since I last made a mySpace music trail. You can now see the full name of song’s with long titles. You can also add more than four songs. Tiger Army has five, including the song that was on Eveleric’s page. (Rose of the Devil’s Garden) is boring. I’m sure if I saw them play live I’d be trying to rock out to it. But as I sit on my couch I can’t wait to discover another new band before I head out to drinks with Coco at the Golddust.Before I move on to the next band I want to say that I’m impressed by the number of tattoos on fans of this band in the Top Friends section. WOW! From the top friends I’ll choose AFI. They don’t have tattoos though. At least not of Tiger Army.afiArtist #2 – A.F.I.(Summer Shudder) is the first song. It starts out strong. Cool! It’s a live recording, and it’s sounds really good. Aww man. They only have a minute of it posted. Suck!(The Days of the Phoenix) is next. It sounds live too. Yep. It is. I remember seeing A.F.I. play Warped Tour in Detroit years ago. This song reminds me of those days.(Dancing Through Sunday) reminds me yet again that it’s not how your voice sounds, it’s how you present it. The screaming high energy of this song kikc ass! I would love to see them live again just for that energy they bring.The last song on their page is (Carcinogen Crush). It’s alright. I like the other ones better. This one’s a bit too “singy” for me. You know how those 80’s hair bands each had their slow ballad song, well this is the A.F.I. fast version of that. OK but I like the other songs more.That’s it. I’m done for the night. Now it’s off to drink a Teeter Totter or five with Coco.The Teeter Totter is a drink I created years ago. It consists of:1 part Seagram’s 71 part 7-Up1 part Spiced Rum1 part vodka1 part KahluaIt tastes almost like a desert drink, almost.-walter