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Coachella Music Trails – Annuals, American Bang

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Reviewed Artists from the 2008 Coachella lineup.

Annuals: I want to see them live!

(Sore) – Mixed pace engrossing music, Reminds me of how I feel about Arcade Fire – Definitely Like It!

(Nah Keseyi) – Good, boring – Generic

(Complete or Completing) – Mixed sounds, levels and tempos – Good stuff

(Brother) – Full on Arcade Fire comparison – Bring it!!

American Bang: 4 piece rock – Boring to me.

(Move to the Music) – Good ol’ rock and roll – Not my style really

(Home Mr. President) – Anti war/govt song – Glad they did it

(Jeepster T Rex cover) – 4 piece Rock and roll – Again, not my thing

(Good as Gold) – High energy rock – OK