Coachella Music Trail – Autolux, Battles

In coachella 2008, music trail on April 14, 2008 at 3:24 pm

Reviewed Artists from the 2008 Coachella lineup.

Autolux: Their tent will be rockin!

(Persons and Machinery) – Impending action – Yes!
(Turnstile Blues) – Drum driven shoegazer rock – Works for me, not for everyone.

(Plantlife) – Mix paced ambient rock – Play for background noise

(Blanket) – Heavy rock with mellow verses and stuff – Rock out to this one

Battles: Random and good for the genre

(TONTO) – True alternative, not distorted crap – Refreshingly odd

(ATLAS) – Abnormal music to a drum driven rock beat – Expect Rockin when played Live

(PRISMISM) – Short track – OK

(TRAS) – Various guitar melodies with a constant back rhythm – Experimental?


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