Coachella Music Trail – Brett Dennen, Busy P

In coachella 2008, music trail on April 14, 2008 at 5:37 pm

Reviewed Artists from the 2008 Coachella lineup.

Brett Dennen: I can’t wait to watch this set.

Oh snap! Brett is playing in SF next weekend on the 20th.

(Ain’t No Reason) – Political folk with a beat – Love it!

(Darlin’ Do Not Fear) – Beautiful storytelling – Love it!

(She’s Mine) – Lovey dovey melodic folky pop – Love it!

(When You Feel It) – Groove folk – Love it!

(Could You Be Loved) – Soulful cover in Brett’s voice – Impressive

(Miss Madrigal) – Slow folk storytelling – I like this style too

Busy P:
(It’s more fun to compute) – Electronic rhythms and stuff – Drug dancing anyone?

(Colette cest Chouette) – Great beat with female rapper – The beat tweaks me

(Chop Suey) – Great remix of Doo Doo Brown

(To Protect and Entertain) – Attempts at being hardcore – Not convinced

(Rainbow Man) – Electronic beats – Sounds good

(unreleased Fancy remix) – It’s a remix – Decent mix


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