And Many More by Walter Koning

In writing on July 13, 2008 at 2:19 pm

“And Many More”
Words: Walter Koning

I question my wants and needs
My emotional greed
The stomach I fill
And who else I should feed

I question my love
Whether it’s recipricol enough
And at the end of the day
How many people can fill my cup

Who can fill me up
Is it one love, one heart
That I’m thinking of
Who can bring out the best in me
Who will enjoy my imperfect cup

Down the road of life
I’ll ride a thousand miles
Before I settle down
Then I’ll settle for awhile

Until I get antsy and anxious
I’ll lose interest
Want more
Feel stuck in a stranglehold
Then where will I be
Same as now
Except a thousand miles
Further into life
Travelling another road

  1. This will make your beats sound unique and is an awesome feature to have to make sure that your tunes never start sounding stale!

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