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2/12/02 News by Walter Koning

In writing on July 16, 2008 at 9:21 am

“2/11/02 News”
Words: Walter Koning

It started out as bomb for bomb
This war torn land
This war torn man
Fight for freedom
Do everything you can

Once we built stockpiles of weapons
To fight a cold hearted war
Now we watch and wait
Russia’s Putin told us to hesitate
Miles from now we’ll have to live with the fate
Unless we stop to negotiate

It’s no longer 1980 or 90 it’s 2002
We’re still struggling to fight our enemy
Not Russia
Not China
Nothing other than the unknown

We fight an axis of evil and a preventable loss
We fight the unknown
But at what cost
Bush called out Iraq, Iran, North Korea
And formalized onomatopeia