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Custom PayPal Donate button for WordPress

In music trail on September 19, 2008 at 8:55 am

I decided to see how easy it was to integrate a donate button to my blog.  Here are the steps I took and the easy factor.


Step 1:  Search the internet for Paypal donate button WordPress  (Easy)

Step 2:  Read through someone’s instructions (Easy)

Step 3:  Login to Paypal, go to Merchant Services, click on Donate Button (Easy)

Step 4:  Create a custom button using Photoshop (Easy)

Step 5:  Upload custom button to photo hosting site (Easy)

Step 6:  Provide web link to Paypal (Moderate – My session closed so I had to login to Paypal and do Step 3 again)

Step 7:  Complete Paypal additional step to customize (Easy)

Step 8:  Copy donate button html code into a text file and save it (Easy)

Step 9:  Login to WordPress and edit my blog design (Easy)

Step 10:  Add a text widget for my donate button (Utter Failure!)

Step 11:  Try to figure out why the Paypal HTML code doesn’t appear correctly in the text widget (Non-obvious until just now.)

Step 12:  Edit the text widget in HTML rather than text. (Trying was Easy, It failed though)

Step 13:  Search the internet for an explanation (Easy)

Step 14:  Explanation found.  Paypal gives you a <form> to use.  Wordpress.com blogs don’t allow forms. (Moderate trouble)

Step 15:  Workaround is to add an image and make it a link to my PayPal donate page. (Moderate – Where does it link?)

Step 16:  Found this instruction.  Under “Button Encryption” choose “NO” so that you get the correct code.  On the “Add a Donate button to your website” page your code appears in the second box entitled “Links for emails”. Select and copy the text. Put this text in your safekeeping folder for the time being.  (Easy)

Step 17:  Redo steps to make a custom PayPal button, this time with NO button encryption. (Easy)

Step 18:  Copy the “Link for emails” from the PayPal page.  Add this link to an image in a blog post. (Easy)

Step 19:  Click on HTML in the WordPress blog post entry, next to Visual (Easy)

Step 20:  Copy the code and paste it into a text widget (Easy)

Final Step: Write notes for others to use and ask for a 25 cent donation for the service. (Easy)