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mySpace music trail – Crookedmouth, Kings of Leon, Joy Division

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I made my first slew of commercials recently. You can find them at my YouTube channel. I’m excited about the prospect of making a better MUNI commercial. I’m trying to sell more MUNI shirts (www.cafepress.com/walnotes). I’ll embed the video so you can see the first attempt.

Artist #1Crookedmouth
Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia

(It’s Happenin) is the first song on their page. This track is fresh. The lyrics are mildly meaningful. Better still is that they’re intelligible. You can understand what they’re singing/rapping about. I’m digging the music behind the lyrics as well. The song has a good feel about it. I couldn’t tell you what it’s about, but does that matter?

(‘not like that’) comes up next. This is a white boy R&B song. Think of a local band version of N’Sync and you’ll have an idea. It sounds pretty goo, or maybe it’s just easy on the ears. Not the best song ever but it’s cool they’re doing their thing.

The last track available from Crookedmouth is (This is for my Hustler’s). They’re working it on this one. They rap and try to sound intense and hard. It’s cool though. Normally groups resort to swearing, being derogatory to women, and representin’. Crookedmouth is content with potent lyric delivery. It sounds like a low-budget group but give them time and maybe they’ll blossom.

From Crookedmouth’s top friends I chose Jack the Hat. They have a picture that reminds me of the skulls from Dia de los Muertos. Jack the Hat has (On Call) by Kings of Leon on their page.

Artist #2Kings of Leon

(On Call) starts out sounding really good. I like the singer’s inflections. I love base driven songs. There is a little rock and roll in this track, otherwise it fits the name of alternative rock and I like it a lot. If you like the beginning of this song you’ll like the whole thing. Seems straightforward but it’s not always true. Some songs get dull after a minute or so. This one feels good all the way through.

(Fans) is the second track on the Kings of Leon page. It starts out with a little acoustic guitar and electric guitar reverb. Then the singer begins with drum accompaniment. It’s a rock song. The singer’s delivery makes this band who it is. There’s something to it. Something more like when what’s his name from Aerosmith sings. You know, Liv Tyler’s dad.

The third song is (Charmer). It starts out with a bass line. The drums chime in and the song begins. I love the screams. They’re so stylistic. Crazy how a scream band sucks ass while a few rhythmically placed screams can become a hook. This is another rock song but it’s so much more. There’s more than your typical 4:4 time monotony. It reminds me of The Violent Femmes. Awesome!

(Molly’s Chambers) from their 2003 Album is the last track available right now. I swear I’ve heard this tune before. Maybe it’s similar to something I’ve heard. I can’t tell. Oh I know. They’ve probably used the chorus in a commercial. That’s gotta be it. The song itself is good. Typical rock song with a little bit of flair. That flair keeps me interested.

From The Kings of Leon’s top friends I’ll choose ::: New Killer Star Cherrylicious. She’s got Joy Division’s (Love Will Tear Us Apart) on her page.

Artist #3Joy Division

(Love Will Tear Us Apart) is a song everyone probably knows. I have to admit that I didn’t know it was a Joy Division song though. Most likely I’ve heard a cover version because there’s something about this version that sounds different to me.

I’ve never listened to Joy Division intentionally before. So despite wanting to give exposure to bands who may not have it otherwise I think I’ll give them a listen.

(She’s Lost Control) is the second track on the Joy Division page. It’s songs like this that make me wonder why a band like this is so immensely popular. The guitar riff is solid. The music is good. And the singer is good too. It’s just that the song doesn’t move me. It’s just a song. Maybe it was revolutionary for the time when it came out. I’m not putting the band down I just don’t know enough about them to understand. [Note: The singer’s voice in this song reminds me of the singer from Interpol in the song (Evil).]

It’s time for track three. Maybe that’ll help.

(Transmission) is the third song. It’s got an extended musical intro. The whole song has a solid bass line running through it. I like that. I like that you could probably trip out to this song. I don’t trip out with recreational drugs but I love music and videos that are tailored for that crowd. My mind doesn’t need altering to get into it. This song absorbed me.

(Atmosphere) is the last song available on the Joy Division page. I think I know why I wasn’t impressed before. The singer sings funny. In this song you can hear it right away. It’s as if he didn’t have the perfect pitch so he went the other way and just sang his own way. Fuck perfection and give me style. That works for me. I like the musical styling too. It’s atypical rock. Just my style.

While trying to remember the name Interpol earlier I ended up at the Interpol myspace page. I’ll have to review them tomorrow.

Today I started out my mySpace music trail with Crookedmouth. I must have saved their mySpace page in my favorites at some point because they keep appearing in my URL bar when I type mySpace.com even after I clear my cache. So I finally listened to them.

From Crookedmouth I went to one of their top friend’s pages. That person had Kings of Leon playing. Good stuff. I’ve been meaning to check them out for awhile now.

From Kings of Leon I chose their top friend. She had Joy Division on her page. I’ve been meaning to listen to Joy Division too.

I almost listened to Interpol at the end of my trail but decided to wait on them for tomorrow.